Infinity Ward Vs VG247 readers – no holds barred

VG247: We asked you for questions about Modern Warfare 2. You told us. We asked Infinity Ward's Rob Bowling at a London hotel about an hour ago. We managed to get in 14 questions for you, and Rob answered everything. He's a very good sport.

Here's one example:

SlayerNL: Has the team been working closely with Microsoft and Sony to handle day one traffic on the multiplayer side?

Rob Bowling: Yes, very much. And we have been throughout the development of the game.

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zeeshan3600d ago

"djhsecondnature – Are you worried that the UK price hike will deter some potential buyers from playing your game?

Rob Bowling: No"

So bsaically, he is NOT worried at all that some of our brothes in the UK won't buy it? Yeah, that's what I thought.

rdgneoz33600d ago

If people still buy it at the increased price, they won't care. Only way they'd care is if no one would buy it at all, which you know won't happen since many will cave in and get it.

Pandamobile3600d ago

Well, the PC version isn't delayed, which is good.

But it still costs $60 >:(