Britxbox: Marvel Vs, Capcom 2 Review

Leigh Sherval writes: "2009 belongs to the Beat'em Up genre. It started in fantastic style with Street Fighter IV, has continued with a number of low key fighter revivals on Xbox Live Arcade and the lucky Americans already have Blazblue whilst we have to wait until 2010. Comic book movies are also all the rage right now, making this the perfect time to resurrect fan favourite Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

For the uninitiated, MvsC2 was released back in 2000 and features a roster of some 56 characters chosen from each universe. There is no story mode, no elaborate scheme to bring them all together. Just one question; who would win in a fight between Resident Evil's Jill Valentine and the Incredible Hulk.

MvsC2 dispatches with the usual "best of 3 rounds" approach, instead requiring each player to select a team of 3 fighters for a "last man standing" style beat down. With such a huge roster to draw from the possible combinations boggle the mind and Capcom chose to include a number of more obscure characters on both sides, to compliment obvious choices like Ken, Ryu, Spiderman and Wolverine."

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