Brutal Legend review at GameStooge

GameStooge pans the latest Tim Schafer game, Brutal Legend.

Excerpt: "The other, more disturbing choice of the game is the choice of villian, which is glam rock. The game slides into dangerously homophobic territory, especially in its depiction of Lionwhyte, who is David Bowie-like in his androgyny, complete with long locks of hair that enable him to fly. Was it necessary to attack a style of rock that really didn't conflict with heavy metal any more than punk rock did; if anything, punk did more to splinter metal into multiple genres, like hair metal, death metal, and so forth. Glam rock is a more convenient, easy target due to the perceived machoness of heavy metal. But why attack one form of music? The real targets should be parental groups, conservative politicians, and so forth, but again, the game is corporate at its heart, and wouldn't want to get that political. The closest it comes is attacking corporate interference with music with evil managers, targetting young demographics and so on, which, when you take the game as a whole, is howlingly hypocritical. It might have been a lot more interesting to see Eddie travel a land that reflects all genres of music, to see the literalization of musical metaphor come true."

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