Britxbox: The Beatles Rock Band Review

Andy Gardiner writes: "Formed in 1960 and easily one of the most influential bands ever to walk out on stage The Beatles truly have a remarkable line up of songs. So when it was announced they would get there own Rock Band game it was easy to be a little sceptical considering the rather drab offerings so far when it comes to other bands getting there own music rhythm games. However from the first moment you put your disc in you can tell this has certainly been a labour of love and not just some basic cash in.

The game plays exactly how you would expect it to, with it matching the Rock Band 2 format. Which is not a bad thing as this means that everything is spot on and whether you are singing, playing the guitar or the drums - it plays like a dream. You really do get the sense that you are playing some of the fab four's songs and, after all, this is what games of this ilk are all about."

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