Britxbox: Risen Review

Leigh Sherval writes: "Whilst playing Risen I was reminded of a similar game released a few years back. No, not Elder Scrolls: Oblivion but Two Worlds. I know what you're thinking, Two Worlds was terrible but the same cannot be said here. The comparison comes from the nagging sense of over ambition. With Risen, it feels like the developers have bitten off more than they can chew, despite being able to fit plenty into their mouths.

It seems almost a little too early to speak of other games but the opening few hours of Risen won't grab you like last year's Fallout 3, or the earlier Oblivion. Playing as a neutral character, you wash up on an island after the ship you stow away on is sunk. There is no face creation tool, no names chosen and no class selected. In the opening stages you play as a blank slate."

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