OXM UK: Lost Planet 2 Preview

OXM UK writes: "When everyone knows a game's going to be awesome, you might think there's nothing left for the PR guys to do. Well, you'd be wrong. Capcom employees are still camped outside our offices with megaphones trying to inform us about Lost Planet 2, it's just now their frenzied, animal screams carry a different message.

It's no longer about how shiny or tight this third-person shooter is going to be - they want to talk about depth. That's okay! We do too. Anything to stop them throwing rocks at the windows."

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Keowrath3624d ago

I tried the PS3 demo of this title. It's since been deleted. I actually managed to get through the demo but it was a struggle! Not due to difficulty but mediocrity!

Can someone explain to me the appeal in this game because there was nothing that stood out to me yet a lot of people are saying it's going to be amazing.