Top 8 Family Friendly Games

PS University writes "Every console has a lineup of games that are released designed to bring the family together to sit on the couch and enjoy them. It doesn't matter whether your dad needs to finish up something for work, or mom is getting something ready for dinner, these titles will erase that and put family into the perspective of spending time together. Even though that sounds like a fairytale, and it is, some families do actually get together to game. It's a rough thought, I know. However, it's never been more evident this generation than any other before it.

Today, I've decided to create a Top 8 list involving the best family-oriented titles that will bring your family together to enjoy the same hobby you enjoy. If I'm sharing a story of my own, I'd share the one about when I first brought home Rock Band and my mom actually took up the mic to sing along while I played the guitar. It was a family moment that meant something because my mom never games with me. Do you guys have any moments like that, that you can credit towards the gaming industry? If so, leave the comment below in the comments section. As for the Top 8, each game was chosen for its ability to bring people together. If you don't agree with some of them, just leave your opinion below on which games you would change out and we'll go from there!"

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