Quantic Dream On Striptease Reaction: That's exactly what we wanted

Gamesthirst: When Quantic Dream revealed a striptease sequence contained in Heavy Rain never seen before to an audience at E3 09, some were uncomfortable with what they saw. There were many who thought it was not necessary to go that far, and questioned the developer's decision.

Well according to founder of Quantic Dream David Cage, that's exactly the response they were hoping for. He relayed his sentiment best in an interview with EGTV, when asked about the reaction.

EGTV: What did you make of the reaction to the striptease sequence revealed at E3?

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zeeshan3593d ago

If it is a part of the story and not added just to "sell more", then I am fine with it.

Syronicus3593d ago

Then you need to fear nothing and do what it is that you set out to do when you started development. Plain and simple.

Leathersoup3593d ago

... and if my story requires that she does the cable guy then so be it!

cyberwaffles3593d ago

that was an awesome strip tease; mainly because of how amazing it looks and the detail is staggering.

it kind of reminded me true lies as well.

Raz3593d ago

Several months old, in fact - I remember reading about this back in April. Now all the game sites are rehashing it; what's the deal?

sikbeta3593d ago

I don't go for the controversy and stuff but I really hope this games make people understand that games are not only for kids and nerds, games can be for every kind of person from kids to adults, gaming is the future... well IMO

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loveexists3593d ago

it's a hot topic for debate, games are really starting to fell like movies...

loveexists3593d ago

what kind of name is that?

Hellsvacancy3593d ago

It means wotever u want it 2 brother -

Oh and its Hellsvacancy

Bellcross3593d ago

With the way things are these day you see porn everywhere on the net even daytime television got full nude sex scenes in movies now so worrying about some kid seeing a virtual tata is just ridiculous. They should be allowed to make the game the way they want to without people criticizing them, it will be sad if they took that section out not only for me but for the gaming industry.

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The story is too old to be commented.