"Wi-Fi Direct" spec to directly compete with Bluetooth

The Wi-Fi Alliance has recently announced a new peer-to-peer wireless network specification which allows connections between two devices without the need of an access point or wireless router. The first concept that came to our minds was "Ad-Hoc" Wi-Fi and its current broad availability in the market. Then we realized that Ad-Hoc is unfortunately limited to only 11Mbps and has always been more complex and cumbersome than its worth.

To mend and improve upon this substandard networking technology, the alliance has announced its near completion of Wi-Fi Direct, which will connect at existing Wi-Fi standard speeds of up to 250Mbps. In addition, the new specification will maintain backwards compatibility with much older Wi-Fi networking controller hardware, including antique 802.11b hardware. For instance, a Wi-Fi Direct-enabled mobile phone can pair up with a non-Wi-Fi direct notebook to transfer files and stream audio. Wi-Fi Direct host devices will also be able to publicly broadcast their SSIDs to allow other devices to quickly pair up.

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