Microsoft Hits Back At Piracy, Pirates Break Security Already

Xbox Lifestyle writes:

"Last Friday Disney Pixar released a new game, Car O Rama, which boasted a new Wave 4 protection. Microsoft's earlier attempts at protecting the Xbox 360 against piracy have all failed miserably, and it seems this one is no exception. Pirates have already created a temporary fix for the iXtreme 1.6 hack firmware, which involves you downloading a 3MB "activate.iso" file and burning it to a DVD9 disc."

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gaffyh3599d ago

MS can't catch a break man, damn. They should keep trying though, because if they completely gave up, developers would be pissed.

4Sh0w3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Piracy will always be a part of the gaming industry. I still don't think its a big deal as some makes it out to be, like with the original xbox. 360 game sales are very strong, 360's online community is a big motivating factor in selling both 360 hardware and games, a modded console voids the warranty and pirated games have the potential of getting you banned from Live, the vast majority of gamers #1 like support their hobby by paying for the games they want and #2 aren't willing to risk getting banned, which imo sooner or later will happen.

XxSpiiKeZxX3599d ago

yea thats all nice but if it continues then more and pirates are going to emerge...look at the psp for such an awesome platform most devs are afraid to develop games
to me this is just a flaw on behalf of MS you dont see ps3 being pirated;
and yes thats because of bluray another reason y its a step ahead

OhNoez3599d ago

Its undeniable that lots of pll bought 360 becouse it can me modded. Gamers in recher countries have to work for a new game like one day or less, in many countries you have to worj for you dreamed copy of Modern Warfare 2 for like 3-4 days, in some places maybe a week and even more. This is where piracy comes in handy

Serial_EDX3599d ago

XxSpiiKeZxX the ps3 isn't to far away, the main reason no one hit up the ps3 hacks, and piracy was do to its pricing. but now blu-ray drives are starting to get cheaper and it doesn't cost 20+$ for one blu-ray blank disk anymore.

So expect in the next 2 years for there to be a some more things to start popping up on the ps3.

OhNoez3599d ago

What are you talking about? You think the ps3 is not broket yet because of bluray disc/recorder prices? Hell no, those few people who actually break consoles first time dont care about it, like it's gonna be pricy to play pirated copies lets wait a year more. If they could do it today they would it no doubt. And they definately don't think like it's gonna be too pricy for them to play, they have incredible skills and good jobs.
Nobody is able to achieve this as of today, it's that simple.

Raz3598d ago

If you make something 'foolproof' only fools will use it. If you make something 'hackproof'...

Adding extra DRM and suchlike doesn't discourage hackers; quite the opposite. It's like waving a flag that says 'hack me! hack me!'

I don't know exactly how one would go about discouraging hackers, (maybe find a way to lower game prices from their currently ridiculous price tags?) but extra protection isn't the way.

nbsmatambo3598d ago

they should just switch to bluray lmao

TheDeadMetalhead3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

They actually thought they could prevent piracy!

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Immigrant3599d ago

activate.iso has been out since the first release of the ixtreme 1.6

this is not news

gaffyh3599d ago

What, so that means activate ISO will ALWAYS work, no matter what MS does???

Immigrant3599d ago

yes, the activate.iso disables the wave check

Kushan3599d ago

It's because this is NOT an anti-piracy measure, this article is stupid, misleading and flat out wrong.

jkoz3599d ago

It really is wrong... This is NOT AN ATTACK ON PIRATES. They merely included a newer dashboard update on the discs, so firmware will have to be patched. It just happens to affect them, that's all. And it really isn't hard to alter the firmware for a new update on the discs. Geez.

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rroded3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

thats crazy losses for something that dont work

how many games coulda been more using that extra space?

now this sigh will they ever learn look at sony's ps3 hardware based antipiracy and it works.

snaileri3599d ago

Piracy will kill Xbox360.

v1c1ous3599d ago

one could even argue piracy was keeping psp alive for the 1st 2 years :o

N4G king3599d ago

i agree with both of you

because in the future piracy wont be excepted by developers at all
and that may lead them to abandon the moded/pirated console

but right now and in the previous generations
piracy actually helps consoles to sell

divideby03599d ago

no, lack of AAA games will hurt the 360, most of its eggs are in the Natal basket next my wallet tells me since I have not bought a 360 game since GOw2

CadDad3599d ago

Piracy is helping the 360 to be honest.

The original playstation had an easy mod to play copied games, and when that word of mouth started to go, everyone and their dog bought a PS1.

The legit people will buy them no matter what and even most pirates buy a few retail games from time to time and have to own the system.


glennc3598d ago

exactly... the playstation brand owes a lot to piracy

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jpod3599d ago

microsoft just can't beat the pirates.

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