GDN: Hands On: Zelda Spirit Tracks

To strike a foe you have to get close enough and then slash or tap the screen. Merely tap or slash the enemy and Link will try and strike from where he is. If he's nowhere near he makes no effort to move towards the monster. This is the first stylus-only game I've played where the character won't move towards the enemy before attacking. Perhaps it is my fault for building old habits from superior game design. Shame on all you non-Nintendo developers for making me expect efficiency when I play a game.

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PS360WII3599d ago

It's fine that he doesn't like Zelda but what always gets me are people who don't know how to play with a stylus and then blame the game. Sure he balked that debate in his article but just becuase you bring it up doesn't negate the fact that you still need to figure out that not all games need a button to press. Stylus controls work fine and dandy. The only control issue I had with Phantom Hourglass was the roll. Everything else was solid.

rickodemilo3599d ago

Games shouldnt be impossible to control but to me the controls are the game. Learning how to better use them is part of the experience.