New CryEngine vid shows next-gen vision

Digital Foundry writes:

"CryTek has completed development of its new CryEngine 3 middleware and released a new trailer demonstrating its vision for the engine's next-generation capabilities, along with new footage highlighting performance on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

From what we can see, the "Next Gen" elements of the trailer appear to be about the scalability of the new engine and are most probably derived from the technology running on a supremely powerful PC.

The forest scene, for example, is hugely oversampled, but the lighting quality is absolutely phenomenal. The later scenes retain the high quality and showcase high resolution shadow-mapping and absolutely no "pop-up" whatsoever."

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talltony3596d ago

"In the GDC trailer it appeared that the PS3 version was triple-buffered with v-sync, while the Xbox 360 engine had some screen-tearing. In this new video, v-sync is clearly disengaged on the PS3 "Rich Interiors" clip."

Keita1013596d ago

to be honest who cares? ps3 and 360 look 99.9% identical in this game. PC will be where it's at especially for a game powered by cryengine

shazui1233596d ago

run like crap on most pcs as crytek cant seem to pull the optimisation off that devs like naughty dog are praised for. Huge waste of hardware power really :(
Btw dont expect many, if any, games using this engine on consoles to look nearly as good as Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 e.t.c This is just another (slightly better) multiplatform engine, designed to save time and costs, not to allow the developer to spend time and money optimising their code and making one of the best looking games out there.

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tripewire3596d ago

lets just see how it runs when there is AI/stuff actually happening.

Looks good though.

3596d ago