Diehard GameFAN: Thexder Neo Review (PSP)

Even at ten dollars, Thexder Neo is not worth your time. Single player mode is boring, uninspired and has as much in common with a real shooter like Ikaruga or Gradius V as a pachinko game. The controls are sluggish and steering in jet mode is harder than driving in that old M-1 Abrams tank simulator Diehard GameFAN's Alex Lucard used to have for the Sega Genesis. Online mode consists of fifty percent of the game's content, but as NO ONE has been online every time he's checked since the game has been released two weeks ago, it might have well have not been included. There are numerous other games in the PSP store to spend (or even waste) ten dollars on. Sorry Square, but your money and time would have been better spent localizing "The Game With No Name" for the Nintendo DS instead of this.

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