Videogamer: PES 2010 (360) Review

It had been hoped that Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka and co at Konami would do what EA did four years ago and invest in a completely new game engine, employing a revolutionary start-from-scratch approach. Unfortunately those hopes have been dashed. Bar the addition of a few new animations, a slight slowing down of pace, some new officially licensed teams, and team tactics and player ability features that are destined to be cast aside unused by the vast majority of players, PES 2010 is PES 2009.

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dazzalfc3599d ago

.....and bar an 'new and improved' (or not, as the case is) manager mode and updated teams/kits, Fifa 2010 is basically Fifa 09.

ape0073599d ago

fifa 10>>>pes 10

coming from a pes fan

well done EA

fifa is amazing,so real,so much fun

Static-X3599d ago

Would buy this on 360..? The D-pad barely functions.

farhsa20083599d ago

its all about gameplay which is why pes will always win, you can shove your licences, live season crap, manager mode, just give me the beautiful game

swift3599d ago

yes yes evo is way better gameplay wise.