Resolution: I've Had Enough Bad Kids' Games

Resolution writes: "A key thing to remember is how much games, as well as other forms of entertainment, have the potential to influence youth. The sensationalist press enjoys keeping the negative sides of this prominent in coverage of gaming, but the more pleasant findings are glossed over. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found evidence that playing certain types of games makes children kinder to others. Almost 2,000 Japanese children between the ages of 10 to 16 were surveyed about the games that they played and how helpful they were to others. A few months later, after being exposed to prosocial videogames, there was an upward spiral in helpful behaviour in participants. Games also accommodate the learning of vital skills: hand-to-eye co-ordination is the most vaunted, but the varying tasks presented in games also aid with the development of a multi-tasking mind, while ABC News reported that fluid intelligence (problem-solving skills) is increased by playing games. If games have potential to fulfil such an important role in a child's growth, why is more thought not put into what is presented to children?"

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