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food86 writes: "I am sick of hearing all the negativity towards the go and people complaining about the pricing of it. Maybe I can shed a light of reasoning in the community. If your lucky like me you can find a PSPGo for 220 in total. That's only 20 dollars more than a PSP bundle but it comes with 15gb extra. If you were to go out and buy an 8gb pro duo card it would cost you around 40 to 80 dollars so already its coming close to the PSPGo price . . ."

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MaximusPrime3594d ago

Im from UK and i paid £225 for PSP Go on day one.

I downloaded 4 free games.
GT mobile
Wipeout Pure
Locoroco 1
Buzz quiz

plus i downloaded 3 previously purchased games:

Crash Bandicoot 1 - 3.

Only game i paid for is Tetris on PSP mini.

Do i regret buying PSP go? Nope.
Expensive it may be, in my opinion it is a great improvement for people who travel alot and do not wish to carry UMDs around.

darthv723594d ago

I will be getting a Go at some point. It is to bad though that the rewards program isnt available in the US.

Also, had you tried to dl those games on the original PSP after having gotten them for the Go?

food863594d ago

and if your in the us you can buy a go off of dell for 220. its about the same price for buying a psp 3000 bundle but minus the 15gb memory integrated in the go.

seriously this issue is coming back up like what happened with the ps3. sure it was 400 but look at all the features it had. plus if you went out and bought a 3000 budnle and an 8gb pro duo stick that would put you close to the psp go price. 245.00 but i was kind of savy and bought it for 220 flat. as it is now i bought the go for cheaper than I would have bought a 3000 and gb stick.

Dac2u3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Why are you and the author comparing a bundle pack (PSP 3000) to a non-bundle pack (PSPGo) as if it's the same thing?

PSP 3000 + 8gb pro duo card (Amazon has them for $25ish everyday) is $190-195.
PSPGo + 16gb built in memory is $250, you can't base your argument off of a sale price that isn't even available right now.

The extra 8GB of space won't be needed by most PSP 3000 users.

The only bonus the PSPGo has over the PSP 3000 is better portability. If that alone is worth $80 to someone, then get the PSPGo. For me and just about everyone I know, the minor discomfort of carrying a slightly larger handheld like the PSP 3000 is worth $80.

darthv723594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Bottom line. The Go is NOT targeted at existing PSP owners. That would explain the negativity towards it. It is a convenience to those who are new to it and don't want to carry around all sorts of UMD's.

It offers nothing the older ones don't already have (or could have) except bluetooth. If you have a PSP then stick to it. If you are a new gamer and like the smaller more convenient form then get a Go.

@maximum: yeah that is a nice offer for a few existing owners. Problem with it though is not enough choices available at the moment. I have 15 UMD games and only 1 is on that list.

Serial_EDX3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

I agree, I find it cool and all, but I already have my psp, this would be awesome if I didn't have it.

Mostly I don't want to say goodbye to my CFW and apps. I love streaming live music off my wifi. But If it gets a CFW soon, I'll gladly jump ship just because its smaller.

MaximusPrime3594d ago

it is targeted at existing PSP owners as well.
This explains PSP go rewards which sony offers 3 free games to choose from.

Sony doesnt force you to get PSP go. They are still selling UMD-capable PSP 3000.

either way, i like PSP go more than my old PSP 1000. I like the position of buttons, sliding screen and sharp colours. My old PSP 1000 has a broken analog button so i had no choice.

Serial_EDX3594d ago

This isn't a attack or anything but....

"Sony doesnt force you to get PSP go"
"My old PSP 1000 has a broken analog button so i had no choice."

>.< I thought it was funny how those are together.

MaximusPrime3594d ago

i could easily get PSP 3000 but PSPgo interests me.
I still think that Sony doesnt force you.

But in my case, i just had a broken button and my Japanese PSP1000 is getting old...

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edgeofblade3594d ago

I don't think anyone is disputing that the storage space is worth the price. But what do you tell people who already have a stack of Memory Sticks and UMD's? PSPGo is NOT supposed to be an upgrade for current users. It's a new entry point for people who don't have a PSP yet.

And in that... I would question if there is a market. Don't get me wrong, I love my PSP. I'm playing the crap out of the new Soul Calibur right now. But I would guess that most people who were going to get a PSP have already gotten one, and those late adopters are probably less likely to go online to download games.

So, all that leaves is current users who just MUST have the newest version of everything...

retro3594d ago

If you're new to the PSP it might be a good choice, but if you already own a PSP with UMD games then you're ripped off.

And what does this whole BlueTooth bring you, the PSP already got WLAN what else do you want? I don't see what BlueTooth brings to the table that wasn't already there?

Also a major trade-off is that you can get almost all games cheaper than from the PSN store on UMD... so why give in to the monopoly of Sony?

PSPgo for the same price as a PSP 3000 + 16GB Memory Stick = 200 Dollar would be OK... everything above that is too expensive.

darthv723594d ago

The only real advantage the go has over the others is the bluetooth. You ask what does it bring to the table. For starters it lets you use a regular ps3 controller to play the games. This really only applies to those who like to hook their unit up to a tv as it defeates the portability purpose.

Second, it lets you connect to other bluetooth devices including (but not limited to) smart phones. Something like an iphone or blackberry that has a good data plan can be turned into a broadband modem for the psp to go online wherever you are. Considering you could probably get online with the original psp from home, you would also need to be in a wifi hotspot if you were out and about.

I can see them allowing other uses as well. Like being able to link up to the ps3 instead of going through wifi. Maybe using the go as some sort of controller for the ps3. Also hooking up to headsets and possibly printers for sending documents to. I can do that from my 8330 and it would be cool to do it from a go.

Other than the bluetooth you are right. any other psp can be outfitted to do all the same functions. Heck the go could have been upgraded with double the memory to 128mb instead of the same as the 3000 64mb. That could have been a nice little boost to performance but...oh well.

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