Bachus: MS Considered Launching New Xbox Every Two Years

Xbox co-creator Kevin Bachus has revealed that back in the early days on the Xbox team, Microsoft was seriously thinking about launching a new Xbox console every two years. Bachus shares his thoughts on overcoming criticism with the first Xbox and what the console's legacy became.

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Diselage4589d ago

The only thing in this article that pissed me off was the comment from Microsoft saying they needed to charge so they can recoup for the expensive online service. THEN WHERE IS MY $50 A YEAR GOING! My $50 a year should for sure make up for the cost of the service.

Most of the time i don't mind paying for content but it would be nice to get a few lesser things for free every once in a while. (Thanks for Aegis Wing)

rusgreim4589d ago

I'm confused... I read the article 3x and can't find the relevant quote about them charging more or whatever you are implying.

WilliamRLBaker4589d ago

I can't find the quote of them saying they charged

JasonPC360PS3Wii4589d ago (Edited 4589d ago )

Get The latest and greatest hardware every two years means we can have the highest end gameing available. You will never be behind on tech and the latest games like Crysis could run at full power. The 360 is already the most powerful beast now but this kind of service could make it even better (like having a super PC every two years)

That 10 year console sh!t is a thing of the past.

To those b-low me this frightens you because that would make the PS3 obsolete in just a couple of years. Don't forget, I'm sure Microsoft would make each one of them compatible with each other kinda like a PC. That would also give PC manufacturers a chance to make there own Xbox gaming console. I'm talking about Dell, Compaq or Alienware all making different versions of an Xbox system. That would make any company like Sony shake in there boots, because they could never reach an install base bigger than PC. Imagine all PC based 360s replacing home computers for an all in one system.

This new console era is not the same as past consoles. Things are changing and you need to change with it or get left behind and the PS3 is going to get behind if they dont catch up and start thinking what the costumers want for a change and not how they can force Blu-Ray on unsuspecting PS3 owners. It doesnt matter thow much updated consoles could cost down the road, what matters is that we have that choice to choose high end or low end hardware that works well with one another. You guys like to live in the past and just can't accept change and you guys are going to end up collecting failed gaming consoles as a hobby while everyone else gets the newest gaming.

Microsoft is service based look at Live and I would rather have a service that keeps my hardware up to date and can play the latest games. I don't want a console that reaches its peak in 2 or 3 years, I want gaming and I dont want to spend $5,000 every 2 years for a PC when I can spend $400 every 2 years for an Xbox compatible system. That makes it cheaper down the road for serious gamers, where as I would have to pay $600 for a PS3 that will be out done by PCs in a year.

This style of gaming has been going on now for years on the PC. Who says that you cant apply the same kind of thing to the console arena. You can already do on a PC what you can with a console. No this only threatens companies like Sony who still want you to continue to buy the same outdated hardware untill they can milk it dry. This would bring PC style business to the home console arena and look how good the PC buisness turned out. Would somthing like this make Microsoft billions, Yup it would they are a buisness after all and so is Sony. If Sony were to do somthing like this you would all defend it till your dieing breath. This would mean the Xbox brand would stay on top of the latest technology and with $400 dollor console it would be a bargin for the hardcore. Hell my PC cost me $3,000 a year and a half ago and it still don't match the 360. After all the console are nothing but PCs anyway so Who says the buisness side can't be run the same way ? Sony or Sony fans. Microsoft has ruled the PC arena for a long time so if they want to change the way they do buisness for consoles who isgoing to stop them, its not illegal and they have already proven there woth in PCs.

This whole article is Bullsh!t anyway so why the need for you guys to respond to me at all, if you wern't actually frightened of the possibilities that the PC style of buisness could be done Console side. Buisness is buisness you do it whatever way makes the most money for you. Millions of PCs are sold every year with differant tech and setups for gaming and you can see how well they sell. Why not consoles? Bash microsoft all you guys want but stupid in buisness they are not because they are still one of the top companies in the world.

deep "Can't you see this is the worst idea you could ever dream up. The only people this benefits is the company in making money"

Name one company that dont do it for money and I'll leave this site forever and not come back? (non profit dont count)

Thats like going to work for free.

Isnt it you PS3 fans that whine and cry about losing your games like this one here for losing DMC4

I come from PC gaming and PC will always dominate consoles. If I were to buy 2 xbox consoles in 5 years its still cheaper than the PS3 because I would have had to buy another one. You PS3 fans are so blind you think that the PS3 will realy last ten years without breaking. Well all I have to say is look at the PS2 and PS and you can see the problem they had with there drives. Owned 3 PS2s If you actually find a PS3 that works for its entire life span then you will be one of the lucky few. $400 a pop every two years is cheaper than $3,000 every 2 years for a PC. Its not my fault you guys still live with your parents and work at MC Donalds.

IBLEEDBLU Hows that drive through job working for ya?

You know whats realy funny? Is all the Sony fanboys that responded to me, wierd how it just the Sony fans. Hey wasn't it Sony that said the PS3 was a PC? but yet you don't like PC style buisness and you forget Microsoft comes from PC. Don't Sony also make gaming PCs? or is that if Microsoft went all PC on console gaming, would Sony be able to keep up?
PS3 fans are always talking sh!t and never back anything up. Like talking about MS third SKU and Sony turns around and does the same thing and then you start defending. Fact is Microsoft does come from PC and is a powerhouse there and if the were to apply that to console gaming they would kick the Sh!t out of Sony. Microsoft is Sony and Sony fans biggest threat, they are on there second gen and there wooping Sony at there own game.

I seem to have struck a nerve, Sony fans are just all over me.

techie4589d ago (Edited 4589d ago )

Good luck paying for it.

Can't you see this is the worst idea you could ever dream up. The only people this benefits is the company in making money.

Of course they do it for money. But who's going to go along for the ride Jason...when your previous console stops being supported after 2 or 3 years? The only people will be the hardcore like you. The company has thus limited its market to 10million consumers. They then have to spend money on designing a console every year...doesn't sound like the company would be making much money at all.

Expy4589d ago

Most powerful, doubtful.
And also, if they were to release a new console every year, then, after 10 years you would have paid.... $2,500.00 (launch price)

THE_JUDGE4589d ago

That's the dumbest thing I've heard all week. It's taking good game developers 2 years to make games now anyway. Just another ploy to get more money and exploit people. Sick!

deeplies24589d ago

We are trying to save here not spend more you tard.

sajj3164589d ago

I don't even know how to respond

SmokeyMcBear4589d ago

hahahahahahahahaha....hahahaha hahahaha... so you are happy and willing to spend 400 dollars every two years to play your games... hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah ahahahahaha

PS360WII4589d ago

"This style of gaming has been going on now for years on the PC. Who says that you cant apply the same kind of thing to the console arena."

Well I'm pretty sure most of us who game on consoles are wanting console because it's not like PC which you have to upgrade constantly for new games. We want a system that will last 5 or more years and continually get games for the system you bought 5 years past.

The_Firestarter4589d ago

Gaming PCs don't even cost $5000 without some sort of expensive-ass paintjob. Actually, now-a-days you can build A KICK ASS gaming PC that'll cost you AT THE MOST $3000. Obviously PC gaming is NOT for everybody. So stop your complaining.

specialguest4589d ago

So those who spent $400 on the first version Xbox will be left in the dust within 2 years? Then those who decide to settle for the 2nd Xbox version are left in the dust after 4 years too? wow! how can you agree with this concept?

gta_cb4589d ago

"Thats a good idea.
Get The latest and greatest hardware every two years means we can have the highest end gameing available."

.... i wouldnt buy one, the developers wouldnt be able to get the full out of each console as they find ways to push the consoles further each time, and it would cost to much.

X4588d ago (Edited 4588d ago )

Well, if I really did have to buy a console every 2 years, that defeats the consoles' purpose. I shell out a couple hundred bucks, get a system, and for about 6 years not worry about it. That's what makes it such a great alternative to PC gaming.

and yeah, 500 bucks isn't hard to make when you have a good job. There's just one problem. Bills.

Car payment
Insurance for the car (Required by law here)
Gas Bill
Water Bill

Wait. Now that's all the things that need to be done. Now throw in other misc events. Got a spouse? Kids? Gotta take care of them. Then there's the car. It doesn't maintain itself. Other insurances like homeowner and medical. How about emergency events? Want Cable or satellite TV? Want internet? Want a phone? There's more money. Need to see the doctor? The dentist? Well, even with insurance there's usually a deductible to pay and they get pretty high up there. I recently saw the doctor. I paid 70 for the exam, 50 for a blood test, and 200 for an x-ray. All these things happen at any given time. If you happen to be ready for all this and can still afford a extra 500 dollar hit every 2 years, then you are very fortunate.

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toughNAME4589d ago

just dont wait 5-6 years
3-4 wouldnt surprise me

Azurite4589d ago

Sounds economical... not.

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