Heads-Up' PlayStation Store Update (15th October 2009)

Mike Kebby writes:
Hello, hello. Hope all is well with you

You may have seen already that the WipEout HD Fury Complete Pack hit the store yesterday (to match the retail release), this pack combines the full game and recent Fury pack in one handy bundle and there is literally hours of gameplay here waiting for you. We'll also have the full games Uno, Mushroom Wars and the strangeness that is .detuned ready for download later today.

We'll also have a new quiz for Buzz!, so you can test your knowledge of all things spacey (that's the thing above the sky, not the actor), a new pack and bundle for Lumines Supernova, and a few new bits and bobs for High Velocity Bowling. As usual there are also new tracks and packs for Rock Band and Guitar Hero too.

We've also got our next batch of dynamic themes available, so you can customise your XMB with animations from the worlds of PixelJunk Monsters, Pain and High Velocity Bowling.

Finally, from today until Monday morning you can download the first Map Pack for Call of Duty: World at War at a reduced price.

I'm sure most of you this week will be playing Uncharted 2 anyway won't you? If not, I prescribe an immediate dose of Nathan Drake…well, what are you waiting for, off you go.

Until next week, take it easy.

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Jikla3342d ago

Still no Final Fantasy 8 T_T At least we get a Brutal Legend song pack for rock band :D

WhittO3342d ago

Still no avatars....

Come on Sony, this is the thing I want most from PSN, not cross game voice chat lol ( I know, I'm in the minority )

ceedubya93342d ago

I know a lot of people feel as though 7 was the best of the PS1 era, but Final Fantasy 8 was the game that really got me into the series.

I still have the PS1 discs, but I'm really looking forward to the PSN version to take on the go with my PSP.

Jikla3342d ago

I also got the discs, but they are in a poor condition so my cut scenes lags and the game often freezes :(

FrankDrebin3342d ago

Can you please try to give us something good for our ONCE A WEEK update!

ThanatosDMC3342d ago

Squall FTW! Beyond me why people see FF7 as great. Heck, getting from place to place confused me since you can barely see where you're suppose to go.

FF8 was my first FF game.

CobraKai3342d ago

Gunblades are some seriously badass weapons.

somerandomdude3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Don't forget about the gem that FF9 was. Largely ignored because it came out for the ps1 during the beginning of the ps2 era, but it is quite possibly the best FF game for the ps1.

There is not one FF that I dislike so I'm all for every last FF to eventually make it's way to the PSN.

frostypants3342d ago

.detuned actually looks interesting. But then, I actually liked Linger in Shadows...

BabyStomper50003341d ago

Screw the final fantasies I want Chrono Cross.

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monkey nuts3342d ago

I was hoping we wold get Critter Crunch this week seeing as america got it last week. Ah well, another 24 hours and I'll be on the charge in uncharted 2.

fafoon3342d ago

Very reliable
It use's paypal only and they email you the redeem code

jhooty143342d ago

no ratchet and clank demo :(

FwanK3342d ago

Yeah whitto

I also need more avatars, im getting tired of my clown...

OC Furious Dre3342d ago

I would like to see them put xenogears in the playstation store. That would put a grand smile on my furious face! Though i believe Final Fantasy 7 is the greatest videogame to mankind. Xenogears wouldnt hurt a bit.

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