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Wonderwallweb Writes:

When it comes to the battle of FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer, in the end it comes down to a matter of taste. If you are after realism and polish then FIFA is probably for you, if however you want a fast flowing, action packed game then you may want to check PES out.

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arakouftaian3598d ago

you can't say realism and fifa together.
(sorry, you can if you say it this way
"fifa is not real sim soccer game"
no sorry you can't)

how old is this guy?

pes10 is the best soccer sim.
any fifa is a arcade game for kids and teens.

pes is not a action game
maybe this nerd have been playing to much u2
which is a great packed action game.

RuffRyder3598d ago

The best pes game ever is still pes2006 on the PS2. Ever since then konami has turned the game into arcade trash!

Like the review said if you want realism then fifa is the way to go.

But i guess dumbass like you wudnt know what real football is.