CryEngine 3: New Amazing Screenshots

Crytek released new screenshots of their new CryEngine 3.

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nix3599d ago

add AI. add gameplay. add explosions. and other factors. and hope, it still holds strong to the scenic view.

solar3599d ago

which will be the struggle for consoles. interested to see how it all pans out. Crysis was a beautiful game to watch, and also quite fun to play. MP aside.

Ju3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Ha, I went back yesterday and played Warhead. At least I found some settings where I can play that on max now. It is gorgeous, I have to admit. But I am somewhat disappointed by the water. It looks so great, but got no fluid dynamics what so ever (no character interaction, etc). The waterfall looks nice - from the distance (as long as you don't walk through/over it). Stronghold is the jungle environment and interaction, and the physics engine.

TheIneffableBob3599d ago

Ju, that's because of the scale of the game. Games like Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2 can do it because they are relatively small in scale, but it would be very expensive to do it in Crysis.

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monkfish3599d ago

wow.....simply amazing....

i am impressed still with crysis and crysis warhead but this looks even better..

cant wait for crysis 2

JeffGUNZ3599d ago

I can't wait for developers to start using this engine.

dirthurts3599d ago

This is destined to be the next video card melter.
Let's just hope we can run it : )

JsonHenry3599d ago

Actually, it is more optimized, therefore will not be any more taxing on your system than the last Cryengine. Remember - the goal of this engine was for consoles to be able to pull of decent visuals. The video you just watched is actually running close to medium settings on a PC. (which is pretty good considering how old the consoles are in terms of hardware)

Still, the consoles are in for a real treat with this engine. And PC users are in for a treat because the engine will scale better on lower end/outdated hardware.

free2game3653599d ago

It's actually likely to scale on less hardware since it switched over to a deferred renderer. That means it'll be SM3.0 and above, not SM2.0 like Crysis was, so anything below a 1xxx ATI card or 7xxx Nvidia wont be ablt to even play it.

Serial_EDX3599d ago

O.O <-------That is literally what my face looked like when I saw the first picture of the island.

That engine looks insane...god now I am happy I'm playing my PC more. gotta get ready for the cry-engine 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.