VidZone rules out streaming music video on Xbox 360

VidZone Digital Media has told that it will not be pursuing a streaming service on Xbox Live, despite selling music videos on Microsoft's console.

The company charges between £1.70-£2.55 (200-300 Microsoft Points) for individual videos on the Xbox 360, but doesn't intend to push further on the console and follow the runaway success of VidZone's steaming service on the PlayStation Network.

"There's no real plan for us to do anything there, all the focus is going into PlayStation and it's a very different service to what we run on the PS3," director of new music development Michael Russo told "The PS3 offering is much more of a proper consumer product."

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solidworm3594d ago

while the ps3 user gets it FREE.

doG_beLIEfs3594d ago

"[Xbox 360] is a very different service to what we've got on PlayStation. Nothing is given away for free, there's no element of streaming, it's all pay-to-own downloadable music video content," he added. "It's a smaller business for us and we only represent the independent labels."


Yet so many loyal Xbox fans DEFEND this biatchslapping of the Xbox Nation.

But Live is better because it does blah blah and blah when PSN does not. Well, PSN has this and many other services that Live does NOT have for FREE.

FREE....a dirty word to Microsoft and her loyal fans and a beautiful word that PSN users hear over and over.

vhero3594d ago

I think this sentance sums it up perfectly "The PS3 offering is much more of a proper consumer product."

Hellsvacancy3594d ago

Free is always the magic number

Vip3r3594d ago

Can you not just download them off youtube for free?

Or do people get a sense of moral respect when they pay for things like that?

3594d ago