Call Of Duty 4 - Huge Info Leaked

COD4Forums has obtained what seems to be a huge list of possible features and options that will apear in COD4. Here is a tester of the huge info spread:

"Listed below are several gameplay features that may be included in the new Call of Duty game when it is released.

On-Line Cooperative Play: Play the single-player missions as a team with up to 3 on-line friends.

Helicopter Gameplay: Dominate the battlefield from above by piloting a Cobra attack helicopter. Race into combat onboard the latest in modern military helicopters piloted by both AI and the player, and annihilate the enemy using rockets, missiles and chain guns.

Variety of Challenging Mission Objectives: Rescue captured hostages, photograph dead bodies to identify targets, infiltrate enemy positions, rescue downed allies in enemy territory, and many more."

For much, much MORE click link below.

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THE_JUDGE4585d ago

If these "rumors" are true, this is shaping up to be one sweet game. A definite hell yea from me.

sticky doja4585d ago

Have yet to play a CoD game but I will definatly be picking this one up.

zonetrooper54585d ago

Sounds awesome, when does this game come out btw? because I might preorder it soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.