Naughty Dog to keep making Uncharted games as long as there is demand

Naughty Dog says that the Uncharted series will keep going as long as there is demand.

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Ric Flair3600d ago

Suck it Bots

Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo !!

ShabzS3600d ago

haha... oh my god .. so random lol

Man_of_the_year3600d ago

So i guess this means no more comments about MS milking the Halo franshise?

NomadX3600d ago

Maybe when they make an Uncharted RTS game, and an Uncharted "expansion" without the main character everyone likes.

Man_of_the_year3600d ago

Oh i see. Naughty Dog says "as long as there is demand." So then everything is ok and its not considered them saying "yes we plan on milking the franchise" but when sales for EVERY Halo game are better than any of their corresponding competition in the same genre, then its considered bad and that they are evil for milking that franchise. Typical Sony Droid ignorance.

Halo Wars is still the highest rated RTS game on the the PS3 and 360 and has also sold more than any RTS game on the PS3 and 360. Sold over 1.51 million which is pretty good for an RTS on a console. So i would say there is demand. And that "expansion" has sold more than many of PS3 exclusive games such as KZ2, Uncharted, Resistance 1 and 2 etc so i would say there is a demand for ODST as well.

So like Naughty Dog said, as long as there is a demand for Uncharted then they will continue with the franchise, so why is it so bad for MS and Bungie to continue with a franchise that is still in demand from it's fans?

LtSkittles3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

@ M.O.T.Y.
"Halo Wars is still the highest rated RTS game on the the PS3 and 360 and has also sold more than any RTS game on the PS3 and 360. Sold over 1.51 million which is pretty good for an RTS on a console. So i would say there is demand. And that "expansion" has sold more than many of PS3 exclusive games such as KZ2, Uncharted, Resistance 1 and 2 etc so i would say there is a demand for ODST as well."

I didn't know that Halo Wars was on the PS3. Hmm Let me see Killzone 1, and 2 <--- 2 games, R1, and R2<--- 2 games, Uncharted 1, and 2 <-- 2 games, and different developers I might add. Sony has it pretty good right now, and considering Microsoft's number 1 game is by the same developer while Sony has different developers. Tell me one game that's come out of Bungie in the past nine years that doesn't have the word halo in it.

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zeeshan3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Lol.. yea also like the "space cakes" or "speacial brownies".

As much as I hate to say this, I think they should take a break, go to Hawaii, Malaysia or where ever they want to go and relax. Come back to work with fresh minds and start a fresh IP or do a Jak and Dexter PS3 game. This will give them a break from Uncharted and working on a new project means they won't get bored by it but who am I to say what ND should do. If they want to do 10 more AAA quality Uncharted games, I'll buy all of 'em and will support them all the way.

dalibor3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

More like coffee shops in the states. I would like to be able to smoke some up here after going to a bar with friends to relax & smoke some grade A reefer. For those who don't know what coffee shops are in Amsterdam, Neatherlands it's pretty much a shop where you get your fix on maryjane & smoke it there inside the shop itself. Plus Amsterdam has shrooms too, I know b/c I went there back in 04.... I suggest for everyone to check it out lol. Uncharted series is like cheeva I would like more haha.

BTW in Amsterdam so many people ride bikes, it's one of the places in the world where you could actually meet a woman & ask her out on a bike without needing to have a fancy car to impress her.

thor3600d ago

where do I go to buy a coffee? lol

3600d ago
Syronicus3600d ago

The controls were "ok" and the game was something that was found slightly lacking but aside from the few nuances that were found in the game, it was the best story I played through in a long time. This game improved on all that was lacking int he first and added back into it the same great story talent. It is the definitive action game this year and if they do it again, I will be ready to plunk down my 60 bucks the next time.

AAACE53600d ago

People are going to hate on this game for whatever reason, but for me, IW has earned my respect as a developer, so I trust them to do whatever makes the game fun.

I now trust them like I trust Naughty Dog (Uncharted 2) and Epic games (Gears 2) and Rockstar games (GTA 4, Midnight Club: LA). I understand that alot of people may dislike my choices, but some games that are fun to me may not be fun to you and vice versa.

UnSelf3600d ago

i just finished preordering Uncharted 31: Sully's Funeral

cant wait to play this on my ps9

mikeslemonade3600d ago

Keep making Uncharted games. Don't make Jak and Daxter!

Freak of Nature3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

They should continue to do Uncharted without doubt,for many reasons.The fans want it,and they make bucket loads of cash. They love creating the series.As long as they have the right drive to create and move forward with the series,advance upon the previous games,stay fresh and creative,continue to innovate.

I would love to see them add devs,rotate teams and create 2 games at once pretty much as Insomniac has done.

They mention as long as people want the game.Well,I believe that people also want Jak,it would be great to have "both",with the profit from Uncharted 2,I think they can expand,while still maintaining high quality/It would be great to have a new Naughty Dog game each year,instead of every other year....

Keep giving me Uncharted's and throw in some Jak,if not jak then some new creative/stylish act/adv/platformer IP,possibly look into a more open World game,with some RPG elements to go along with the act/Platforming,this to go along with the Uncharted games...

whoelse3600d ago

**Hands over demand to Naughty Dog**

It is what they do best so keep it up!

sikbeta3600d ago

Glad to hear, now I have nothing to worry about, this is the new Indiana Jones, hell is even better

ProA0073600d ago

....everyone is all gun-ho and jumping at this statement but Microsoft releases 5 halo games and everyone is saying they should quit and talking about hella milking and running a series like that is lame and desperate becuase it only sells alot? But its ok for Sony/Naughty Dog to keep releasing Uncharted games as long as there is demand?....kind of like how Bungie/Microsoft is still releasing Halo games becuase there is demand?

Oh the irony of the ps3 fans on this site.

JasonXE3600d ago

You know how it is on this site...if it isnt Playstation its Milk/lame-station.

Blaze9293600d ago

Cool. Wasnt really a Jak and Daxter fan so I don't mind much if they never go back to that IP. More Uncharted is a good thing; I'm still going through Uncharted 1 (yeah I'm slow -_-) then as soon as I beat that I'm hoping on Uncharted 2 which of course, will be great. The story is always the best part about the Uncharted games with the nice scripts, acting, voice-overs. Its lovely.

BWS19823600d ago

this is the second game of the IP ever, and there haven't been spin-offs. That's different than 3 Halo's, an expansion, an RTS, and yet another game scheduled for next year that isn't called Halo 4. Some people want more innovation out of Halo as time goes on, some people are sick of the IP, some never got into it. I actually like it, though, to be honest. It's subjective, but they're apples and oranges IMO.

TheDeadMetalhead3599d ago

As long as the games maintain high quality and ND don't start milking it for all it's worth like a CERTAIN OTHER GAME, then I don't see a problem.

ia_studio3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I know that at some point they will make an old and wasted drake lost his life to treasure hunting ends dying at the en in some awesome fking ending, pff obvious...

LinuxGuru3599d ago

The thing is though...Uncharted has become much better in its second iteration.

Most people I know say that they think the first Halo game was the best and that the rest have become progressively worse in one way or another, be it the SP campaign, the multiplayer, the acting...whatever.

As long as the games become more and more amazing, I don't care if there's 10 Uncharted games, as long as each story is original, exciting, introduces new environments, new cast additions, new weapons, new adventures and places...from what we've seen and experienced, Uncharted as a franchise is set to age like fine wine in the hands of a developer with a mind for a good cast, great team of artists, designers and programmers, and inspired writers.

People play Uncharted because it sucks them in with believable performances by the cast, believable and convincing graphics, smooth and accessible gameplay that always varies, and now the addition of multiplayer, which incorporates all of the fine points of the game, minus most of the acting of course, considering it's multiplayer and not a single-player story driven campaign.

scoobysnacks3599d ago

I got the game late on Wednesday night here in the UK (its nice to have a friend who’s a manager of a game store, and so got it 2 days early). I’ve got to level 6 now on hard mode and up to now, Uncharted 1 has been my favourite game this generation. I played it 7 times, and the last two occasions, after I got a platinum trophy.

But this sequel is proving better in every aspect. It’s an unbelievable gaming experience that draws you in, probably more so than the best movies do. When I put the controller down last night, all I’ve been able to think about today is getting back to that game and getting lost in its story again. Unfortunately I’ve promised to go out drinking with friends tonight, one of those times having a social like feels like a bad thing.

If ND keep making Uncharted games as good as this, or keep improving them to the same degree as they’ve achieved with this sequel, I say keep making them ND, keep making them.

Xgamerzus3599d ago

Just played the snow level and the himalaya village levels!!WOW

NOTHING on any console or PC can Compare with this level design and the snow effect that I have seen on any system at the moment!!
I own a powerful 9800 GTX on my PC as well as a PS3 and im sureley impressd!

Uncharted by far has topped anything previously seen in realtime on any console!
THe last time my Jaw dropped was when I seen the flying transport carrier get shot down on KZ2 and of course GT5 prologue and Heavenly Sword 1000's of opponents and Gears of Wars Cutscenes and Crysis Collapsing Moutains as well as the chicago grim scene in R2!
BUt DAMN Uncharted gives you consistancy of SNow effects and levels that rival CGI on Hollywood and amazing graphics that just breath taking!!
other game had a visual punch they all were inconsistant (meaning not enough resources to make all levels look heavenly! But with U2 it delivers.
Perfect 10!!

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Delta3600d ago

I Delta Demand That ND Should diffidently keep making "Quality" Games. Uncharted 3 would be sweat but i hope they work on other titles. I wouldn't mind see an Uncharted in three years from now if they are able to make something else during that time.

Julie3600d ago

I agree , me loves Uncharted but i would love to see a new IP from Naughty Dog , i am sure it would rock the house :3

An open world RPG with those graphics...well one only can dream D:

colonel1793600d ago

It's a good thing because the franchise is great, but is a bad thing because it could end up being milked instead of following a story that make sense, and character development could be lost.

Making a prologue as a motion comic is a good idea since we could know more about Drake and the characters, but I definitely don't want to see Uncharted 7: Mysteries of Space

sikbeta3600d ago

As long as they keep the quality there is nothing bad about making Uncharted games, this is not madden nfl

D4RkNIKON3600d ago

Keep em' coming! I am ready to hand over my paycheck!

dalibor3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Would you hand over your girlfriend?? haha. If my g/f talked a lot I would hand her over for Uncharted 3. I am evil indeed lol.

Sarcasm3600d ago

I'm not handing over my paycheck, I'll happily hand over $65 though.


D4RkNIKON3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

There are few things I would hand over my girlfriend for, one being a FF7 Remake, and the other would be to see Sparta and The Mars Volta open for At The Drive-In live.