Videogameszone: PES 2010 vs. FIFA 10 Review

Videogameszone checked the differences between Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 and FIFA 10. Overall PES 2010 from Publisher Konami won the race - with a small advance.

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Goomba123596d ago

I would go with PES, but FIFA is killing it sales wise right now and i do not know if PES will be able to sell those numbers.

nix3596d ago

well.. if you sell the game with half the price at launch.. who wouldn't buy it?

DMason3595d ago

This is the only review that puts PES ahead of FIFA. Every other review tells the tale of FIFA obliterating PES. And I'd have to agree with the majority, FIFA is just a much better, more streamlined game.

Reviewers agree. FIFA is nearly 20 points ahead of PES in Metacritic scores! I would have to say that either this "blog" is comprised of hardcore PES fanboys, or they just can't let go of the "Dethroned King of Football Sims"

Robearboy3596d ago

Its crazy, football is the biggest sport in the world bar none yet we only have two options to choose from, and been a MASSIVE football fan i find it strange that i havent bought a football game since pro evo 6. We need more competition

nix3596d ago

i think "war" is the biggest sport in the world. look at it.. it's everywhere. people killing people. it's an epidemic. no wonder you see so many action games. oh... just a thought. q:

Ninjamonkey3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

its more to do with the fact that shooting games are much mkorew fun than football games.

I tried out Fifa 2010 yesterday against a friemd but whilst it was ok it wasnt really as good as playing a shooter online with friends.

Plus Fifa 10 didnt really add much to 09. They all feel the same. At least with shooters you get different guns, maps and stories but with football games its always the same teams and the different pitches are all the same. Piece of grass with goals either side.

TruthBTold3595d ago

To each his own but no sport is played like football (soccer in the USA). From every age in every corner of the world football is everywhere. War games come and go. Eventually you get bored of shooting the same people in the same location in the same way but football games are unique. You dont get to score as much so every goal you make is sometimes done by an amazing play. Fifa is my most played game since SNES, N64, PS2 and now PS3. I dont think that will change soon. For soem reason I think every football fan or sports fan prefer these types of games to shooters. But to each his own I guess. BTW Viva el Barca.

Nik3595d ago

simply feels better.

Like what the article said, scoring in PES gives more satisfaction. In Fifa, it feels like I'm scoring the same way over and over again.

resistance1003595d ago

i would agree with your comment if you said that 4 years ago

DMason3595d ago

Yeah, PES feels like playing with robots. It's not fluid whatsoever. FIFA is the king of football for a reason.

THE_GLOW3595d ago

Pes simply does not feel better in the slightest. I cant beleive people even waste their time on PES, the game is dated.

Fifa has 360 degree control, PES has 16 directions.

Fifa has live season with updated stats. PES still has master league.

The sales dont lie in this case, but gameplay doesnt either, Fifa is the king of Football. Pro reminds me of virtua striker on the dreamcast, the dodgy sound effect everytime you make contact with the ball it's like a beat em up sound effect LOL, the robotic movements of the players...come on now!

arakouftaian3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

pes08 and 09 suxs, yes.

pes10 is the best soccer sim ever made.

ps. pes10 360 degrees to, my friend and what your point ?
fifa is just to arcade.
but your just been a fanboy. its ok i'm sure fifa is great for you enjoy it.

you have to pay for that live season thing extra money,

in pes we get free updates plus
free fan made updates, the fan make such of good updates i can't belive how smart they are.

Shortstop3595d ago

I like football too, but it's not the biggest sport in the world. That would go to soccer. Also, football only has one game out, though it's pretty good, and that game is called Madden.

camelio3595d ago

Just in case you have not stepped out of your box or are just a minor with little knowledge, but Football is only referred to as "soccer" in North America. The rest of the world calls it "Football" not soccer, as it the biggest sport in the entire world, one of the oldest sports and is played with "FEET".

No one cares about american football outside America, to make it significant anyway)

swift3595d ago

Amen Camelio,,, A effing men

starcb263595d ago

i'm american and I know football = soccer

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