Eurogamer Review: PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer

Eurogamer writes:

"Long-time Eurogamer readers will know that I've no particular loyalty to either series. I spent years advocating Pro Evolution Soccer because I thought it was better, during which time I kept an eye on FIFA but rarely went near it (with one memorable, 2/10 exception). Last year though, EA Canada made it an easy switch, outgunning Konami in almost every area for the first time. That's not entirely true this year: PES 2010's team management options are a warning sign that the Japanese developer still has some tricks up its sleeve, and people for whom the transition to another football game is simply too much to countenance will buy and enjoy this, and discover it still plays a good, grass-roots game. For everyone else though, up is still down, because FIFA wins again."

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Immigrant3599d ago

i expected this

the demo was garbage

konami sports is getting real sucky

farhsa20083599d ago

this is eurogamer what the hell do you expect?
Dont judge it by the demo, the full game is nothing like it, the king is most certainly back