Capcom, Nintendo lead R4 piracy lawsuit

Capcom, Nintendo and 53 DS software manufacturers have filed a lawsuit in the Tokyo District Court against four companies alleged to have been importing and selling the R4 Revolution game copying device.

The firms are seeking an injunction to block the distribution of such devices as well as damage compensation.

In February, the court ruled in favor of the game companies and made it illegal to import and sell the R4. But Capcom said in a statement that game copying devices are still widely available, leading the companies to take legal action.

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kingdavid3597d ago

This is just like when the music industry sued napster. When napster went down, up came kazaa. When kazaa went down, up came limewire. Its an impossible battle to win.

PS360WII3597d ago

very true same with PirateBay... but really that wasn't the only site that did that in the first place. Though same can be said with R4 they just focused on that not realizing that there already were 5 or more other carts just like R4

Yi-Long3597d ago

... is the main reason MANY people have actually bought a DS.

If we couldn't play 'illegal' games on our DS, me and my girlfriend would never have bought ours. The same goes for many people I know, who bought the DS for themselfs or their kids etc.

Same goes for the PSP btw.

ShiftyLookingCow3597d ago

God these guys are slower than a dead tortoise in an abandoned dump. I bet soon we will be hearing something like "DSi firmware cracked, CFW now possible"

lizard812883597d ago

r4 can do more than pirate games, like play movies and music, and run homebrew apps as well, what next, are they going to sue Team Twizzlers for the homebrew channel.

plus r4's are made in china. china has a huge black market, you can buy movies still in theaters and stuff