Gameplay video of Germany against The Netherlands in Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Dutch gaming-website InsideGamer managed to get their hands on Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, and played a match between The Netherlands and Germany. The video is around 15 minutes long and brings a great insight on how the gameplay works.

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ryuzu3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Germany v Netherlands ends with 7 goals - 4-3 Germany....

The scoreline by itself tells the story of how PES has lost its realism lead to Fifa. Watching the vid (and playing the demo) just confirms it.

In fact the roles have switched in another area which is graphics - it seems this year that PES has nicer graphics when it comes to players. FIFA isn't quite so good.

Other than that though, FIFA seems to the better game of football. The commentary in PES, while improving, is still 5 years behind FIFA.

But worse than all that is the gameplay - in the first half, it looks like the players are all moving a 20% faster than you would expect to see in reality and the pinball style play just looks fast but with out any fun to it.

By the second half, the play looks better - I guess the team was finally exhausted after playing the first half with the sprint button mashed down - but by then there'd already been 5 goals!

Then the goals all seem to come from efforts around the area - it's like they looked at FIFA from 5 years ago and decided to make it the same - hit the shoot button around the edge of the penalty area and 8 times out of 10 you'll get a goal. Don't worry about defenders or the keeper - it'll just go in.

Maybe PES shines in the lower league club gameplay but from this video and playing the demo, I think it's another year of waiting for PES to return to it's former glory...