Miyamoto explains his crazy use for Wii Fit

Nintendo Dpad:
"Miyamoto is known for being one of the biggest video game developers of all time. He has created characters such as Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong, yet it seems he is more odd than we really think."

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ndpad3599d ago

The man is nuttier than squirrel turds.

FrankDrebin3599d ago

he uses the balance board for a kick stand! Stupid Wii!

Smacktard3599d ago

Hahaha, what a nut. That's awesome... so eccentric.

ThanatosDMC3599d ago

"You can have sex with it..."

darthv723599d ago

It measures how much pressure you have with each move.

Xander-RKoS3599d ago

I don't think he ever "had" it...but you know, he's the kind of guy that finds fun in the simplest things, which you can really tell in his video games. I got respect the man for keeping his fun simple.

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