God of War III Demo Dated

The demo will be available on November 19, about a month after Infamous' October 15 release date in Japan. Codes can be redeemed from November 19 to February 2010.

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James Bond3599d ago

The End Continues... for the Xbox 360.

droid and bot3599d ago

really cant wait
i'll play this demo a 100000000000000 time

Beast_Master3599d ago

So is this the demo that comes with the Collection pack?

mastiffchild3599d ago

Why Japan? Why not SCEE or SCEA? Bloody Japan gets EVERYTHIN Sony don't know where Europe is-they heard about it but I'm not sure they believe it's really there.

Certainly SCEE don't seem to have ANY kind of clue what they're doing, where they are or what we want so I'm amazed, frankly, that they manage to get messages to us at all.

NecrumSlavery3599d ago

they are getting JP into western gaming, and working the harder audience. GOW will sell in US/UK with no problems. Its also nice for Sony to repay JP fot the 360's abomination Ninja Blade and remember it's not region locked and will probably be in English like NG Sigms 2's JP demo was.

DaTruth3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Europe has insane regulation and tariffs to protect their market from foreign interests, or at least slant the playing field for European companies in Europe. It is not Sony's fault!

Also, you guys have like 50 languages for localizations and I can't imagine they let anything through without accounting for every one of them! Japan has one language and North America has three(I don't think they even care about the other two; In Canada, you just need one of the official languages and throw in a french booklet).

And if none of that is right, they are probably not releasing "The Collection" in Japan!

Chris Hansen3599d ago

Does this mean the release date for the Collection is November 19th? Or 18th since Japan is ahead of us.

Ichiryoka3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Naughty Dog refuses to be shaken...

Kratos will rend them asunder for their transgressions.

theEnemy3599d ago

lol, I ain't talking about Naughty Gods.

That's for GoW's Gods silly.


El_Colombiano3599d ago

"Naughty Dog refuses to be shaken..."

6:43am and I have already seen the quote of the day!

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The story is too old to be commented.