Is Sony winning the console war really best for the industry?

In a recent Forbes interview, SCEA President and CEO, Jack Tretton, discussed the quality of the PlayStation 3 and the value you're getting for the now $299 asking price. Also, he mentioned that Sony winning this generation of gaming would be the best thing for the industry as a whole. Of course, being the guy that runs the place, he might be somewhat biased, but does he have a point?

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James Bond3601d ago

Of course. If the Playstation 3 had more sales than the Wii and Xbox 360, there wouldn't world hunger, there wouldn't be a recession, Michael Jackson wouldn't have died and gone on and created an album as great as Thriller, George Lucas would've made Crystal Skull good, Kanye West would've accepted Taylor Swift winning that award, Gabe Newell would've lost weight on the Jenny Craig weight loss program, George Bush would've been hit by that shoe, and a Rush Hour 4 would've already been announced.

Sony winning is the only way.

alphakennybody3601d ago

Well if you look a the ps1 and ps2 era and think how it went I think its pretty safe to say yes.PS= more variety in games, new medium for game and more,innovations the list goes on. So ya a big fat YES

arsenal553601d ago

its better if sony wins it.. so YEPPPPP

TheDeadMetalhead3601d ago

Much better than Microsoft winning, with milking their franchises and throwing money around just to get exclusive content.

LukaX233601d ago

The industry would be fine. They were fine when the PS2 was #1, why wouldn't they be now? In fact, it would be great for the industry - they would have gone from 3rd to 1st. That's one heck of an accomplishment.