iPhoneAppReviews: RC Heli - Indoor Racing Review


I've always wanted a radio-controlled helicopter! They just seem so full of possibilities, like having an oversized pet insect to fly around the house, but after flying a virtual chopper around in RC Heli I'm pretty sure that if I had a real one I'd just wind up destroying my walls and/or taking a rotor blade in the face.

Ethervision's RC Heli – Indoor Racing is a really well done RC helicopter simulator that comes with free flight and race modes, a nice suburban house to fly around in, and there's also a great tutorial that teaches you how to control the two joysticks that move your aircraft to and fro. Be warned though… controlling pitch and yaw is a lot harder than working a steering wheel and gas pedal! I suppose this is probably because most of us have never tried it before in real life, but with some practice even a total moron will get it eventually.

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