PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Posted by Patrick Seybold: The PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tonight, October 14. Maintenance is expected to start at 11pm Pacific and could last for several hours. During this time, some users won't be able to access the PlayStation Store or account management, and may encounter some difficulty while signing in to PSN.

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Delta3344d ago

New Firmware? Private chat? I think so...... :)

BulletToothtony3344d ago

to fill in the meantime.. :D

Immortal Kaim3344d ago

Right around Uncharted 2's release day...Smart move (sarcasm). It's nearly as bad as XBL going down around Halo 3's release.

ShabzS3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

if its cross game chat... then its not a bad move... besides 8 to 9 hours of offline gaming cant be that bad... especially with the things the reviewers have said about uc2's single player

Microsoft Xbox 3603344d ago

Oh stop it. No it's not like Halo 3 and XBL. XBL crashed, PSN is simply undergoing a routine maintenance.

IdleLeeSiuLung3344d ago

I wonder why Sony doesn't announce this in advance and I mean at least a day before? Not the day of... WTF!

How hard is it to announce this a few days in advnance!

Bumpmapping3344d ago

Oh well Uncharted 2 SP for me :)

Shadow Man3344d ago

The 100gb and 500gb Blu-ray disc won't work on current Blu-ray player (include the ps3) even with a firmware HAHAHAHHAAHHA XD But I thought you all said that ps3 was the future?

Bu bu but all you need is firmware to play 500000gb blu-ray discs!!!!!

Delta3344d ago

DVD-9 (single-sided, double-layer) only has 8.54 GB

euchreprof3344d ago

I am sure u will be seeing Delta in your dreams tonight after that complete Pwnage.

Bumpmapping3344d ago

Rain Man gets pwned once again.

TheTeam063344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

......... what?

And, you do realize that the Xbox 360 and Wii can't run Blu-Ray at all. Hows that for futuristic? I mean, honestly, how long did it take until the 360 already couldn't hold a game on one disc? At least two years?

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Immortal Kaim3344d ago

Anyway. What the hell is going on with Uncharted 2? Why the F are there only 7500 players online? Why isn't anyone playing it?

Immortal Kaim3344d ago

Even still, I would have thought there would be more people online, I hope it isn't a bad sign.

4pocalyps33344d ago

here in the uk the game isn't meant to come out until tomorrow. that said i don't know how i got my copy yesterday.

but i am playing single player before i divulge my hours into multiplayer.

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The story is too old to be commented.