Insomniac: Naughty Dog Raised the Bar for Game Development

Developers really respect each other for their contributions to the industry. Whether they revolutionize online gaming, the control pad, graphics engines, or just gameplay, they all honor each other when a comrade puts out a game that pushes the industry forward. Insomniac recently showed their appreciation for Naughty Dog's contribution to the industry with the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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James Bond3600d ago

Hell yeah. Naughty Dog and Insomniac together again this year. Both releasing AAAA titles while 360 has..... a couple expansions and a glitchy racing game.

Darkeyes3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Ya they did.. UC2 best game this gen whoohoo.. Maybe something Turn 10 could learn a thing or 2 from these guys.

Jamegohanssj53600d ago

Clap clap clap Naughty dog. Now I just need to get the damn game.


sikbeta3600d ago

Respect and congrats, why is so difficult for the M$ crew

Marceles3600d ago

Yeah, at least definitely for PS3 development. Lets see how much crappy rushed development gets a pass. We're still in the days of a PS3 game dropping to 59FPS is considered unplayable and a flop to reviewers while other games get, "It's a flawed game's fun! A flawed gem! 11/10!".

Naughty Dog has done a truly amazing thing with Uncharted 2. The game is so good that absolutely no one can say anything but great things about it, and anyone else trying to say something else are reaching as much as they can to hate the game. But you can't, that's how great the game is.

FlatulentGhost3600d ago

"Yeah, at least definitely for PS3 development. Lets see how much crappy rushed development gets a pass. We're still in the days of a PS3 game dropping to 59FPS is considered unplayable and a flop to reviewers while other games get, "It's a flawed game's fun! A flawed gem! 11/10!". "

Yes. One just has to look at the infamous Dan Hsu Gears of War 'review':


Megaton3600d ago

It's so true. When the dust settles, Uncharted 2 will probably land in my top 5 of all time, spanning about 21 years of gaming.

droid and bot3600d ago

damn right insomniac
i hope R3 looks as good as uncharted2
or at least killzone2

it well look very good anyway

somerandomdude3600d ago

Very true, and that's why both Naughty Dog and Insomniac are going to make more money off sales than turn 10 will these year.

Danja3600d ago

Here's to hoping ...R3 will raise the bar graphically , R2 wasn't that good on the eyes ....

Maybe the can use the Naughty Dog 2.0 engine .. XD

Syronicus3599d ago

Well done Naughty Dog. You deserve our thanks and admiration for your efforts to raise the bar and show the many lazy 3rd party devs out there that the PS3 is the only place where you can truly show the highest artistic quality of games. Kudos!

*golf clap*

Ju3599d ago

Here's the thing. Please, Insomniac, re-evolve R3 back to the roots, take example in UC and make it a very strongly story driven action shooter then what you tried to do with R2 - which became a generic FPS.

And then, consider your own strength as shown in R&C (with its phenomenal art style and crisp clear visual and polish), "steal" the one or other thing from Naughty Dog and Guerilla and make a new game.

(I know you will)

Thank you

Prototype3599d ago

And tomorrow I'll get to see what was raised...

Speaking of which, one of my boys told me when that one chick talks he gets a raise...

house3599d ago

will be know as the game that opened the door to playing a movie this isn't a video game (well it is). more like a movie game just mind blowing. the bar has been set way high and i hope other teams take it as a challenge and make more mind blowing games great job n.d

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zeeshan3600d ago

Lol... I so called this a couple of hours ago :)

milked2themax3600d ago

And that's coming from a major developer. Here's to hoping the next Resistance is half of what Uncharted 2 is

raztad3600d ago

You dont need to wait for R3. In few days R&C:ACiT will be released. And yes game is looking incredible (in a Pixar way).

That said UC2 is raising the bar but other first party/second party are pushing the envelope as well. Technically UC2 will be topped but my question is Will the cinematic gameplay in UC2 be topped?

QuackPot3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

with R3.

But Insomniac confuses me at times.

With their excellent narration, story telling and memorable characters in the R&C series, why the frack did they set Resistance in a 1950's alternative world, with boring or no narration, and Hale who?

Resistance would have been so much better set in modern times, charismatic lead and supporting characters and an appropriate and slick narration. I mean, they made the excellent R&C series and must have played the Halo series and CoD4. Sheez, R1/2 would have been mindblowing had they taken the best from Halo and CoD4, or even GeoW, Warhawk and R6 - copy, modify, adapt & improve.

Insomniac easily has the ability to do what ND has done with UC2 - let alone Epic, Bungie and IW have done with their games.

The questions are will they do it and why haven't they done it already?

Ju3599d ago

IMO, they went to far into the "Horror" shooter genre with R2. Maybe there is a market, but its not mainstream. They should have tried to get it "T" acceptable (like WTH is Halo M rated ?). But I can't allow my kids play R2 - without that you loose out a whole market segment.

R1 had a great story. A story which could have evolved to something bigger. But somehow they screwed that up. Why kill Nathan ? Make it the hero. Games work best if people can identify one character carrying the story (btw same mistake Guerrilla makes with KZ).

And I would have hoped they would added more puzzle or action elements in R2. Instead they took most of the unique game play features of R1 away and made the whole gameplay generic.

Engine wise the game made a leap forward. But it was far less polished then the first one (at the time) and the other R&C games.

I am still eager to see R3. Hopefully in a way how I remember the first game. With the visuals matching KZ2 and UC2. I know Insomniac can do it. They started the first exclusive engine "revolution", they can evolve into one of the best again.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3600d ago

Examiner is a PS3 dedicated site?

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