Forza Pitpass Report: Benchmark High Speed Ring

Imagine that you've just ripped the packaging off your copy of Forza Motorsport 3. Alongside the two disc set filled with 400 cars and 100 tracks you see an Xbox LIVE redeem code card tucked nicely inside. The contents? 10 of the most classic cars to grace the planet and a free pass to Turn 10's massive automotive playground known as the Benchmark High Speed ring.

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thorstein4852d ago ShowReplies(2)
Projekt7tuning4852d ago

This actually seems like a genuinely cool idea.

Sie4852d ago

The value in this game is unbelieveable. £40 for 50-100 hours of gameplay in career mode plus god knows how many hours in MP.

They seem to be throwing more cars and tracks at you from every direction!

8 days to go and counting.

James Bond4852d ago

Did the second disc come in a paper sleeve?

kaz-hirai4852d ago

It did.... then my 360 DVD drive chewed it up into little peices ;-D!!!!!!!!!!!

W S K4852d ago

damn right!!!
finally someone who recognizes forza as what it is..... a HUGE game that gives you so much bang for your buck (if you´re into cars and racing games).

The next 2? years are going to be filled with so much awesomeness and i cant friggin wait to see those track and car packs they´re going to push out.

have a bubble m8

GrandDragon4852d ago

Is it just me or don't you guys feel disappointed?!

400 cars?! That is underwhelming

ambientFLIER4851d ago (Edited 4851d ago )

It's just you.

Although I guess it WOULD make me feel better if the number of cars was 800, with half of them being identical, except for a different trim level. Civic DX, Civic LX, Civic EX, Civic SI...there, 4 cars!

Major Kanimo4852d ago

its looks like the good old days of forza 1 are back :D except u cant money glitch :( i miss having ten 1000 hp ferrari enzos in my garage

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The story is too old to be commented.