Forza 3 vs GT5 Damage model comparison

Gameswire has posted up a new comparison gallery comparing the damage modelling of Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5, based on the latest GT5 shots.

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Stryfeno23599d ago

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PS3 slim3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Gameswire must of seen my comments. Dude can't even spin this so stop. Turn on Super White so GT5 matches Forza LMAO. Why are you trying to expose GT5 weakness? The game isn't done.

Watch out for GamesWire they make sh*t up for hits this site is no better than Hiphop gamer show.

gameangel3599d ago

Turn on Super White? They're press shots you loon.

Gameswire3599d ago


We're not trying to expose any GT5 weakness...

Do you even read things before you comment on them?

PS3 slim3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Gamewire posted this the other day

They also post Forza 3 comparisons made by using Forza 2 tracks doctored with copy and pasted Forza 3 huds in them. They also try to capture Forza 3 car pics in the shadows and NFS-S car pics in the light with compressed pics so the blocky low poly NFS-S pics look on par with Forza 3.

CernaML3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Your ignorance cost me last week. I guess the moderators approve that. Why is it so hard for you to STOP POSTING? You made absolutely no sense. This is the Gamer Zone. Start posting intelligent things that don't piss people off.

Edit: Now I'm confused. PS3 Slim, I see you constantly bashing everything that the PS3 offers. Now you're here bashing a website and trying to defend a PS3 game. Which is it?

menoyou3599d ago

There is no comparison. Forza uses an ancient technique called model swapping. Gran Turismo 5 actually deforms the same model. Gran Turismo's implementation is advanced and worthy of the current gen. What Forza does was done back in the PS1 days.

3599d ago
LtSkittles3599d ago

I think Gameswire needs to stop with the comparisons,and the one about exposing glitches. Seriously they're not newsworthy as GT 5, and Forza 3 aren't out yet. I don't see their point as Gt 5 isn't out until March, and nobody knows what the final product will actually look like.

CrippleH3599d ago

Superwhite does not affect games. It's for movies.

ultimolu3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Get something called a life PS3 slim. I'm well aware of who you are so if you think you're fooling someone, you're dead wrong.

The mods need to do something about people like you.

On topic: Wow, comparing a finished game to a game that's not even finished? This is really sad.

Natsu X FairyTail3599d ago

I remember when Slim pointed those stuff. I pretty much agree with him.

JonnyBadfinger3599d ago

ok i will do a real comment.

yes this article is a joke but i wanna point out one thing.

If GT5 has that damage system, thats awsome.... but swinging doors arent realistic. You fellas get in your car and drive along at 30mph and try and open your door.... its bloody hard and then when you bump that speed up to 60mph its impossible.

My point is under no circumstances during the race should your door be flapping about. except for when you tail whip a pole or crash into the tyres. Even Dirt 2 has swinging doors but they behave realistically.

but that being said GT5>Forza3

killedinaction93599d ago

cool vid

im trying to figure out which is worst.
a site that gives a good game a bad review for hits,or
a site that compares 2 games which hasnt even been released yet...for hits.

sikbeta3599d ago

I don't need any comparison, Forza damage sucks, don't saying is a bad game , after all you don't want a racing games to play damage

REALgamer3599d ago

Seriously guys:

If you own a 360, you get Forza 3.

If you own a PS3, you get GT5.

You're guaranteed an amazing game no matter which you get.

If they were both on the same console there would be room for this, but all these 'WHICH IS BETTERRRRRRR?' articles are pointless since most people only have one choice - the game that's on the console they own.

And for everyone else lucky enough to get both consoles, there's half a year seperating them - why not get both games? It's ridiculous trying to compare everything because they're both incredible achievements and it just boils down to "which of these kings of racing games has the slightly shinier crown?"

HolyOrangeCows3599d ago

What other incomplete games can we compare to complete ones?

nbsmatambo3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

They do of course realize that GT5s' complete damage model only comes out when the game comes Match 10' right?

i mean of course they do, since they r a professional site and all... -__-

MNicholas3598d ago

embarrasingly bad. It simply switches meshes and textures. Distinctly last-gen.

Hoggy19833598d ago

I really hope they just ditch all this track nonsense and have a 1km road with lots of different walls of different materials/densities. Say a brick wall then a wood one followed by a few sandbags. Then I can sit all day and replay in slow motion the damage on my Fiat cinquecento (maybe one or two other cars). It will be amazing.

CimmerianDrake3598d ago

How many people of European residence are here? The reason I ask is because I always see the word Tyres, and I've never seen that before. I've always thought they were called Tires.

Major_Tom3598d ago

Congregation of Fanboys, oh my!

ShinMaster3598d ago

That last week, it was known that the damage model we will see in GT5 will be a lot different than what we see now. As explained by Kazunori Yamauchi.

So it's way too early to compare, unless you looking for hits.


@PS3 slim:
It's not SuperWhite you want, it's Full RGB-range.

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James Bond3599d ago

How's that feel Xbots? To know that an unfinished game looks better than your glitchy-ass racing game, if that's what you want to call it.

chrisulloa3599d ago

Lol, how's it feel not having anything at all? It's not like GT5 won't have a handful of glitches.

Also, this comparison is stupid. This looks like sh1t compared to motion.

PS3 slim3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I'm sorry you think that GT5 looks better graphically and you think the damage modeling is better? I think you misunderstood what people are complaining about We're doing GT5 a favor dude. Even the PS3 fanboys are trying to block the article for different reasons of course.

Like I said in another article, it looks like a mechanic took the door off or open a door or hatch on perfectly undamaged cars in GT5. Not even the fact Forza 3 is paused and GT5 is in replay mode can hide the fact GT5 needs more time because of damage modeling and graphics.

ArcticWolfUK3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

GT5 does look graphically superior, GT5p looks better than forza ffs a 2yr old game. and damage will look better cause thats why its been delayed.

glitches??? lool just cause forza is a fcked up scraped together bodgejobbed piece of sh1t, dont mean gt5 will be like that.

go play your glitchfest forza2.5 n fck off

Kurt Russell3599d ago

"How's that feel Xbots? To know that an unfinished game looks better than your glitchy-ass racing game, if that's what you want to call it."

Get some sex nerd...

Pirateogta3598d ago

GT5 - Great graphics, good physics, okay gameplay, no customization
Forza 3 - Good graphics, great physics, great gameplay, great customization


GT4 - 89
Forza 2 - 90

GT5 - ?
Forza 3 - 93

GT5 Prologue - 80

PopEmUp3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

but if you want to compare to graphic/physic/gameplay look at gt5:P and Gt5 idiot.

BTW what is "okay gamesplay" on gt5 and "great gameplay", forza have never beaten gt series in physic and gameplay

here this is what it should look like.

GT5 - Great graphics, great physics, great gameplay, no customization, good damage
Forza 3 - Good graphics, good physics, good gameplay, great customization, poor damage

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thorstein3599d ago

Makes up articles that are completely unfounded then post them here for hits. Then try to defend them in the comments. You are so transparent,Gamesliar.

PS3 slim3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Gamewire posted an article saying after they turned on Super White on the PS3 the Difference was not as great on the PS3 version of Bayonetta which was BS. Their small compressed pics just hid all the detail and the flaws making the two games seem closer(they say 720p but nah).

Super White on PS3 is for movies(Blu-ray) not games(SUPER WHITE also improves the image on the PS3 dashbaord (colors, black and whites etc).

The PS3 uses(defaults to) the RGB color format for games and you can chose between RGB and Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Super-White for Movies, which Super White is a choice to match the recorded films color format most films use(RGB is acomputer color range used for PC graphics and games etc). Both Formats will improve the PS3 dash-baord when set to full or turned on.

PS3 slim3599d ago

They get their BS and post their BS where ever they can that is why they keep posting this sh*t day after day so they can get hits.


zag3599d ago

Super White is only of use if you have a Plasma TV as they can't do white very well with lots of black or heaps of colours around the blocks of white.

On LCD TVs it doesn't matter, but they are slightly the other way around in that they might not display blacks as well or quick enough.

Syronicus3599d ago

There are a few users there that can explain it well and give you a greater understanding.

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