Giant Bomb: Forza Motorsport 3 Review

Giant Bomb writes: "Forza Motorsport 3 is a game for people who love cars not just for their looks, but also for the way they drive. At its core is a satisfying simulation of realistic car handling with all of the tuning bells and whistles that fans of this style of game would expect. But the impressive part is that Forza 3 provides all of this while also finding a way to remain appealing for people who might love cars, but might not have a love for the extreme challenge that a full-on driving simulation entails. With loads of enthralling things to do both on and off the track, Forza Motorsport 3 is like a new blueprint for how racing games like this should work".

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JokesOnYou3600d ago

Congrats Turn 10, now the game IS doing the talking, and thats the way its should always be.

Graywulf is going to need a double dose of his meds when he see's this. lol


XDF3599d ago

It is outstanding that the only negative score this game is getting is from http://www.sonydefenseforce...


AngryHippo3599d ago

....cant wait. Bubbles up for both of you guys. If you're up for racing online sometime in Forza 3 add me, my gamertag is 'jayhead'.