Xbox 360: 61 per cent failure rate

At the time of writing, 2,315 (61 per cent) responses to the survey have complained that they've got through at least one console, with many having got through even more than that.

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shotty4799d ago

It could also be that sony/nintendo/pc fanboys are voting aswell and we know which choice the put down

fenderputty4799d ago (Edited 4799d ago )

The only people who respond are the people who are upset. Obviously these number are exagerated from actual failure rates. That doesn't mean that M$'s quality control hasn't been a disaster this time around though.

Expy4799d ago

An easy way to get votes from 360 owners is to have them provide their gamertags and compare those to Microsoft's database. I believe the failure rate is more within the 40-50% range.

marinelife94799d ago

That's a good idea. Only problem is that means you would have to trust Microsoft to be truthful about the cross reference.

Mr Murda4799d ago

40% - 50%??? No way. Do you realize how high that is? It would be almost impossible for me to have 9 friends with a working/non-replaced 360, which I do.

Try more like 10%, which is still really high rate for a consumer product. Most products range in the 4% - 6% range.

dantesparda4799d ago (Edited 4799d ago )

Mine started freezing up like crazy right before the 90-day warranty ran out (i got mine at launch, and this was before they extended the warranty), so i got mine replaced by MS. My friends' crapped out on him right after a update (and no he doesnt do anything illegal/modding with it), MS replaced that one and i had another friends' crap out on him too. So that's 3 for 3, and at $400 you dont want your system to crap out on you (heck, you wouldnt want your system crapping out on you no matter what the price!) And that's not even counting all the guys on my friends list that have sent me/out messages saying how they will not be on for a while because their system crapped out on them and are waiting for it to be replaced.

So let's not sit here and act like theirs not a extremely high failure rate here. See this is one of the problems with "fanboyism", it's that, it'll make you even tolerate/try and mask this problem. When this should really be an unacceptable problem. MS really needs to address this problem already. And slapping some epoxy (which is really just a glue with thermal conductive properties) on it, is not a very good solution

marionz4799d ago

its obviously sony fans trying to play down the 360, cos i personally know 6 people with 360's and not one has had a single problem

i wish the truth would just come out about this matter because im sick of people makeing up fake numbers, remember not everything on the net is true guys

also this spam is OLD! and my ps3 sh!t itself in the first week, the laser blew and left a nice scorch mark on my VF disc

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eques judicii4799d ago

internet surveys are unreliable... anyone can answer, as many times as they want... especially with internet trolls out there...

achira4799d ago (Edited 4799d ago )

haha, thats called a crapbox!

edit: i mean its really true ! come on what would you say about a tv with such a failure rate ? catastrophal design. period.

edit: xi you cant be serious, to mention the ps3 in one sentence with the xbox360 in this respect, are you ?

Xi4799d ago

i have 2 friends that had their 360 break, and one with a ps3 crapout on them. All electronics will have some that fail, the ps3 is no different. My friend with the ps3 is far more upset because he paid 600 for it and it broke already, 6 months in, the 360 were launch boxes and both have been replaced.

Ignorant Fanboy4799d ago

Man I would have hated to be that embarrassed to have to do a recall.