Demon's Souls: Online that Feels Offline

The online in this game is so streamlined and creatively engineered that one would not even know there was online if it wasn't for the disclaimer before the character selection screen.

For those of you who haven't had a chance to pick up this gem, the online sports a couple of modes and features. The one you'll see the most of is the hint system, in which the general idea is if your wandering around a dungeon and find a rare item, secret passageway, or terrifying enemy, you can drop a hint onto the map for other players to read. If they find your info useful they can then rate it which rewards you with a full heal.

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TheMART3595d ago

I am supposed to be commenting here...

GamerPS3603595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

I know you prefer 360 but I can proudly recomend this game. This game has no rival.

JoySticksFTW3595d ago

And IMHO the most amazing part of this game is the Message System.

There have been sooooo many times that I was knocking on death's door with just a sliver of health left(especially in boos battles) then it flashes across the screen that me message has been recommended


Sure, the game can be unforgiving at times - but the devs did a great job in helping the players even the odds.

phosphor1123595d ago

I got him down to almost no health in 2 hits, he ran, took a potion, so we started going at it again, all of a sudden, half my sh*t is broken, and my stuff has never broken that fast before. Is there a weapon that destroys gear quickly or something (he was using some big ass spear)

presto7173595d ago

So damn addictive. And freaking rewarding.

I just defeated King Doran. Haaa. I got high off the ecstasy.

Godmars2903595d ago

If ti doesn't kill you the first time, turn you off it, it hooks you.

sikbeta3595d ago

"From what I hear that should be Demon Heroin"

So WTH I'm injecting to my veins... oh now I geeeet iiiiiittt

GamerPS3603595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

This game is like crack. I had lvl 42 knight and I didn't ugrade my perks wisely. Hence, started game new and Now, I have 39 lvl Royal. And, what a royal pain for me to even try to kill Maneater. I ended up throwing controller on wall and broke it :(. Turned off ps3 and smoked a cigg then went back in game again (glad had extra controller). I still can't beat that Maneater. May be in next 3-4 hrs, I will.

This game is very satisfyingly challenging, and I am getting Platinum on this sucker. Sad news is, my uncharted 2 sitting on wrap since 13th 1:00pm.
Just wondering why they didn't release this game on Europe ?? Are European sissy ?? LOL just kidding!!

RAAAAAGE3595d ago

the only thing I hate is that Summoning people fails way to often.

GamerPS3603595d ago

both party on summon group must stay in the area otherwise it fails.

MEsoJD3595d ago

has become my favorite ps3 game so far. I love uncharted but demons

souls is just too damn addictive and challenging. : p

Jaces3595d ago

All I know is that there is a creature that looks like a worm with human heads in the front that spits an acid that can degrade your weapons and armor....either that or you just plain forgot to repair your stuff. =P

So that's what recommendations are for! I never knew they gave you a health boost...guess I'll start leaving more messages...even though there are like 4 of the same ones laying around.

I just got Uncharted 2 and have played non-stop, I have to say though that I am having some withdraws from Demons Souls, ugh, it's calling me!

NecrumSlavery3595d ago

If it had a friends system for co-op, it would of been a 10/10

AnZ17N3595d ago

It's called the scraping spear. All it does is destroy your crap in like 5 hits. It doesn't do that much damage.

JoySticksFTW3595d ago

take any +7 spear to Blacksmith Ed with the Lead demon soul for defeating the first boss and he'll forge the Scraping Spear for you

Must beat Flamelurker (good luck!!) and give his soul to Ed first though

Blacksmith Ed is hidden in 2-1 and you have to activate elevators to get to him

Also Flamelurker is tough unless you

a) die enough times to learn his attacks and dodge precisely
b) have a quick weapon (preferrably magic or caoted with "Sticky White Stuff" -- yeah, I know) and a high enough stamina to keep Flamelurker in constant mode. Just continously attack to interrupt his attacks.
c) glitch him. Get him stuck in the environment. Most people who do this get him stuck in the pocket of bones to the left and right of the boss area entrance. I use the stairs directly straight ahead of where you enter the stage and behind the boss. Then I use Souls Arrow (he REALLY weak to magic) or bow attacks while he's stuck at the bottom or top of the stairs. If he gets to you, just dodge, run and repeat.

Hope this helps!

Kassanova073595d ago

This game is a revolution in terms of what online component can add to a single player experience. Demon's Souls.

phosphor1123594d ago

I feel like restarting the game. Idk, I'll just keep going I guess

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smokeymicpot3595d ago

Revvin' up your engine
Listen to her howlin' roar
Metal under tension
Beggin' you to touch and go
Highway to the Danger Zone

DrPirate3595d ago

Headin' into twilight
Spreadin' out her wings tonight
She got you jumpin' off the track
And shovin' into overdrive
Highway to the Danger Zone

Darkstorn3595d ago

Good to know. Maybe I'll go 'beat it' as well...

Myst3595d ago

You need to hurry up Jazz...:p

Godmars2903595d ago

Yeah, from the sound of things next month a used copy will cost $80. If you're lucky.

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