Activision announces Global Modern Warfare 2 Price Hike (PC)

According to a Press Release received from the local Activision distributors, Megarom, the global price for the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 has been increased to $60 (US), £45 (UK) and R500 (SA)

There has been no real reason given for the price increase apart form that it's a global standardisation of the price... whatever that means

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Hellsvacancy3598d ago

And they where the mofos that said Sonys Ps3 cost 2 much

Darkstorn3598d ago

They're going to make plenty of money either way. This only punishes PC gamers.

Nikuma3598d ago

Well I was going to get the PC version at some point, but now I think I'll pass on the game entirely. F you Activision.

Raf1k13598d ago

Watch them complain about piracy after the PC version doesn't do as well as they expect.

cyberwaffles3598d ago

yeah, and you would think kottick would be addressing the ps3's price drop by now, whether it be negative or good. hasn't said a word.

instead, he's just shooting himself in the foot to the PC crowd as they're more than inept to know how to pirate such a popular game.

evrfighter3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

lololol Good luck with that Activision. Good luck with that.

I'm actually all for the CoD being console only now. I hope pirates kill this franchise for the pc.

Bobby Kotex3597d ago

I would charge higher if I could.

aGameDeveloper3597d ago

I don't "hope" for any franchise to go console-only, but I do think we're seeing the start of an evolution in video game distribution. Today, it's increased PC prices. Tomorrow, it will be NO PC prices...

It always seemed odd to me that the segment responsible for the majority of games piracy was "rewarded" with the lower prices. Of course, the increased price will be used as further justification to steal by the pirates (as we're seeing from the comments here). The eventual solution for the Developers and Publishers may very well be to go console-only, at least for proven franchises. With the install-base of modern consoles numbering in the tens to (eventually) hundreds of millions, and potential sales of tens of millions of units on the consoles for popular games, the loss of 50k-300k PC units will be rather painless. In fact, it could be a net win, as some of those PC sales will convert to console, some of the pirates may decide to purchase, and development and support costs and time will be significantly diminished.

What we'll probably see is greatly-delayed releases of the PC versions (if at all). These would only release after the console sales had petered to nothing, or just before the release of the next version (as a form of marketing).

badz1493597d ago

now I think that you have enough extra money to buy your ticket to HELL!

if this doesn't ring any bells for those suckers out there, I don't what else will! don't be a slave for corporate greed people!

STK0263597d ago

talking about the ps3, from what i understand, console games usually cost about 10$ more than their PC counterpart, if CoD6 is 60 on PC, is it 70 on consoles or are Activision just making an additionnal 10$ on every PC version of the game sold? (prices are US, canada is already paying 10$ than the US)

Christopher3597d ago

They'll get away with it.

I typically wait until FPSs get to about $30 before I buy them. Same with MW2.

jjohan353597d ago

Already decided to skip this game. There is nothing that persuades me to buy MW2 over MAG. If I do decide to pick up MW2 down the line, I'll buy it used. No $$ for Mr. Bobby.

FOXDIE3597d ago

haha agree, Ill punish them by pirating that sh*t :D

sikbeta3597d ago

Kotick is a real douche, is so god damn greedy, I'm not surprised at all but this trend is not going to change, the more people buy COD games the more encourage kotick to raise the prices, even PC games

ThanatosDMC3597d ago

Please no one support them.

trancefreak3597d ago

@jjohan35 Im with you man mag is so damn good everyday since mon i play the full beta duration. Very addicting game and the controls are sweet.

Consoldtobots3597d ago

all this proves is that the corporate business model of increasing profits EVERY single quarter is NOT COMPATIBLE with an industry that needs TIME to produce a quality product. more often than not this ventures into the 2+ year category for most developers. Unless they are Naughty Dog or the other end of the spectrum an EA studio who is FORCED to pump out unfinished titles every year. Just go to EA UKs forums and see what a mess FIFA 10 is.Don't expect much better from these suits as they are trying to cover massive losses from all those bloated salaries, jets, dinners, vacations for the Bobby Koticks of the world.

menoyou3597d ago

Boycotting these losers. Maybe they'll fire that ridiculous CEO they have if we stop buying their games.

menoyou3597d ago

Activision should be boycotted. Their CEO is dangerous to gaming.

Eric7943597d ago

Well at least I have l4d2 and Borderlands to keep me busy until Battlefield Bad Company 2 is released

RussDeBuss3597d ago

am i missing something here?
have they invested in a brand new engine here? not as far as i know, where is the justification for the price hike on all platforms?

I am PS3 gamer, and to be honest was only going to rent this as i just want to play thru the single player, multplayer on this game doesn't bother me, too many other good multiplayer games about.

this could spell the end for cod franchise, downhill from here.

Avenged Sevenfold3597d ago

I'm gonna torrent and not even play it. Just for sh1ts and giggles. Activision is pure evil imho.

Redempteur3597d ago

I'm getting ready for COD : On Tour
COD : Decade


And finally a COD in 3 parts

COD : russia
COD : europe
COD : america
( you can have the full story ONLY if you purchase the 3 games )

I guess the bad quality night vision googles are suited for the people who will buy this garbage

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James Bond3598d ago

Let's Get Ready To PIRATE!!!

ambientFLIER3597d ago

You go right ahead. And when the next installment doesn't come out on PC, it will be really really funny.

drdistracto7073597d ago

I wonder when they'll run out of bullets...

tawak3597d ago

count me in! i just upgrade my pc's v-card
ati4890!! o yeah!
not to mention my xbox 360 ixtrme 1.6 =)

slinkey1233597d ago

well done activision you have just lost my money. I would have bought this game for PC but now im gonna pirate it.. They will lose money on this price increase, mark my words.

F*cking greedy bastards

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Lemon Jelly3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

This must be the answer to stop piracy.......sarcasm is hard to do on the internet. Anywho Will be buying for PC anyway for legit MP experience.

Rofflecopter3598d ago

Unfortunately for Activision, this will simply increase piracy. There are multiple (and easy) ways to play Cod4 online for free. Considering the community this game has, it won't take long for there to be ways to play MW2 online for free as well.

ForROME3598d ago

Doesnt matter to me Im done with activision, if they dont listen to the people who buy their games, then they will listen to no one.

What they said about the PS3 his other comments of cost them my money and if he was to say anything about xbox or consoles period just more lost

Im done with this little kid who THINKS he runs the company....

Share Holders of Activision pay attention

Pandamobile3598d ago

Activision - committed to screwing over gamers in every way they can.

y0haN3597d ago

They really don't deserve Infinity Ward. Or Treyarch. Or Raven Software.. you get the picture.