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Kojima: I'm looking forward to what younger staff creates with MGS: Rising

Gamesthirst: Are you worried about what the younger Kojima Productions staff will do with Metal Gear Solid: Rising? Are you terrified they might mess up what to this day has been geniusly crafted perfection? Well worry not your heads MGS fans, because the man behind the Franchise is not breaking a sweat.

In an interview with the EU PS Blog, Kojimasan was asked: "when you leave the younger team in control of Metal Gear Solid: Rising, are you afraid they'll spoil it?" To which Kojima responded:

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GWAVE3625d ago

I'm not eager to see how MGS: Rising turns out. It will be generic. It's an action game, for crying out loud, and Kojima has made it quite clear that all of the vision and talent is being spent on Peace Walker (disagree? Then compare the amount of news we've heard on Peace Walker with the news we've heard on Rising. Heck, we even have a demo out for Peace Walker. We haven't even seen gameplay of Rising).

An MGS game made without Kojima is like a Half-Life game made by Activision, or a Mario game made by EA, or God of War 4 made by the Dynasty Warrios devs, Koei.

But of course, when Rising comes out *certain* fanboys will try to paint it as the best MGS game EVARRRRR simply to appease their own twisted fanboy delusions.

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randomwiz3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

I dont want to buy it because it seems they're trying to use the MGS name to get sales for a totally different genre, like MS did with Halo Wars.

MGS is meant to be a stealth game, but I'd check out MGSR if its any good.

MGSR is an action game right? Not stealth? Im only asking because im unsure.

Bnet3433625d ago

Kind of dumb that the people above me are passing judgment already without even seeing a single screenshot. Ac!d was a new take on Metal Gear and I liked it. Maybe this will follow suit.

JokesOnYou3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

KOJIMA: "The reason why I say they are not good friends is because the PSP is working day and night to make it even better than MGS4, but of course they can't do it because of a lot of restrictions. On the other hand, the Rising team is using loads of money and loads of capacity and hardware specs. If you could imagine the PSP team looking at the Rising team saying, they have all the money and specs. That's the one reason why they are not good friends."

KOJIMA: "Well, we are creating a trailer for PSP like crazy. We give our best and think we did great, it looks great. But when we look at the Rising team we say, should we really keep creating PSP? Because the Rising graphics are so high quality."

-^^Its a good read^^ some of you should try it before making up so much BS. It doesn't sound like just some stupid Acid spin-off and it sure doesn't sound like Kojima isn't involved in both projects, in fact he sounds more excited about what the Rising team is doing. aaahhh Its funny to listen to the butthurt sony extremists trying to downplay the next MGS game for consoles, only because its now multiplat....Too bad, lick your wounds, enJOY the budget PSP game and get over it. lol


edit: vvvv @josuttis, huh?, uhm whats that you say?, I'm sorry you're going to have to speak up, I can't hear you over Kojima's own statement:
KOJIMA: "I'll be working more deeply on the project then a normal producer"

Blaze9293625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

But Kojima isnt involved. but Kojima disowned it. But Kojima is not happy with it. But looking forward to it? INTERESTING


Just so funny how a game we know nothing about can stir up commotion from a majority of certain people just becuase its multi-platform now....kind of like Final Fantasy 13...see a trend?

josuttis3625d ago

Kojima disowning this silly action spinoff game was the most epic ownages in all of E3 history. There never was another company who got humiliated so as Microsoft did by Kojima.

You had Xbox fans desperately creating endless MSG4 rumors day after day. They were so desperate mods on forums started making it clear that you were going to get banned for even trying to find some way of implying a MGS4 port for the 360.

And then E3 where finally failed to get a port of MGS4 and ended up paying Konami to have so other team create so silly little action game that has nothing to do with the real MGS storyline and Microsoft tried to pass it off as a 360 'exclusive MGS for the 360'

And then to have one of the most beloved and talented and soft spoken devs in the world come out the very next day and drop the hammer down and humiliate you was something that will be remembered for a long, long time.

SIdepocket3625d ago

Looking at GWAVE's and josuttis's replies, it appears the PS3 fanboys are feeling really threatened these days. Why else would they spend all of their time talking about the Xbox 360?

Pathetic guys, grow a pair.

Ju3625d ago

I hope it'll be a good game. But in all honesty, I would be very surprised if it pushes the envelope beyond what MGS4 was.

I don't care if the 360 gets the game. But it will suffer the usual multiplatform effect. Downscaled from MGS4 (but maybe still high quality?). It hinders the progression of Konamis MGS4 engine into its second gen. This is a pity. I believe there sure is more potential in there but it has been abandoned to create a multiplaform game(engine now).

And, btw, "budget Peace Walker". Ever played the PSP demo ? They squeeze that little thing hard, very hard. It almost drips.

Keowrath3625d ago

Being a huge Kojima and MGS fan I'm really looking forward to both Peacwalker and Rising (Although I do wish Peacewalker was for the home consoles like pretty much everyone else)

I'm very interested in Rising, it sounds like it's going to be a completely different style of game to which us Solid fans are used to. I love 3rd person action games and Raiden, however he was in the 2nd game earnt pretty much a full pardon for me in the 4th (although he still managed his trademark whinging even tho he is so badass now)

I know a lot of people are putting this game down because it's going to be on 360, all I know is that it's going to be available to me on the PS3 and whether it's a "spin off" or not it's going to be a Metal Gear title with characters that us Metal Gear fans have grown to love.

4Sh0w3625d ago

No backhanded jabs at either console, no attacking other members, no taking sides because of your emotional attatchment to a brand. Hey you do know this is n4g right?, just kidding. Seriously its good to see a true Kojima and MGS fan not being so negative about the next MGS game just because its coming to the 360. Its refreshing to see someone who sounds like a gamer with so many bubbles.

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Ninji3625d ago

MGS4 was the last game so I'm done with the games. I don't care about prequels or spinoffs so I'll wait for ZoE3. Besides, the spinoff will flop but I think Kojima wants it to be successful so he doesn't have to make any more MGS games and can go on to do something else. This will leave everyone with mediocre MGS games in the future (that is if Rising doesn't flop...Which it will).

N4G king3625d ago

bu bu bu bu
he well be working on teh game
teh MGSR wont folpz


milked2themax3625d ago

It will make Kojima Productions look bad

_vx3624d ago

he doesn't care about spinoffs MGs, happen for the PSX,PS2 and PSP in MG spinoffs and they all were fails

will see this one where it will go, but im guessing something like ninja gaiden with weak story

milked2themax3625d ago

Can we just talk games in the gamer zone? Please?

sikbeta3625d ago

"Rising is a Spinoff through and through
there is no question about it.

Its a side story to the main MGS stories"

Pretty Much this:

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (Producer) = Metal Gear Acid/2 (Producer) = Metal Gear Rising (Producer)

Four games produced by Kojima and don't meet the expectation, not saying are bad games but not the awesome games as MGS fans are always expecting

Kojima is a Real Master doing what he want, without his magical touch there is no METAL GEAR SOLID GAME

George Sears3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

I admire Kojimas willingness to keep on making MGS games for fan sake and passing on the torch to his KP crew but at the same time as a fan myself I find the need to create more games out of the series (which is quite tastefully over thanks to MGS4) not worth it.

As a fan I liked the fact that I could go to MGS forums and speculate on the story of Big Boss. Giving our own thought and opinions towards his perspective. On doing so you sort of create this enigmatic larger than life character. Then MGS3 came along. What was once an antagonistic loathable character became a hero in the eyes of fans (including myself).

See now the thing about MGS3 was that Kojima needed to make it this way so that his story would have more meaning. Without seeing Naked Snake's point of view then MGS4 wouldn't be that gratifying as it is today.

But the need to create more games out of this character isn't for means of story progression (since it is already set and done) but for the love that he has for the series. Fillers like this isn't needed.

The same goes for Rising. I still don't know what Rising will be about but between Peace Walker, this one has is the least important. Raiden had a purpose in MGS2. That is why he was the main character for 95% of the game. If we weren't playing as Raiden in MGS2 but as Snake then basically the story wouldn't make no sense.

But if the picture of Rising with a character that could be Raiden is indeed him, then what's the point really? Raiden isn't a Ninja anymore so what is this going to be based upon? And even if it isn't Raiden but Olga then why bother with her? At this far off from the series, experimenting with something new and fresh isn't the best idea at all.

Regardless of my opinion, I am interested on Peace Walker because it has Kojima's stamp of approval but if it wouldn't had existed then it wouldn't bother me because the MGS story is already great as it is. I just worry that these fillers would be those 'make or break' kinda thing which would affect the cannon of the story.

cmrbe3625d ago

there is no question about it.

Its a side story to the main MGS stories.

PirateThom3625d ago

Rising, to me, reeks of "Ac!d" or "Ghost Bable", same universe in an alternative timeline, unconnected to the real timeline.

Peace Walker though, fills in the blanks, we know what happens, but not how it happens, there's too much time between Portable Ops and Metal Gear, it's missing the details, essentially.

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