Army of Two's Gun System Trumps Borderlands's

UGO's Paul Furfari writes,

"At the Naughty/Nice Electronic Arts holiday press event in New York City on Wednesday, Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director on the upcoming Army of Two: The 40th Day said his game already trumps the soon to be released title Borderlands in terms of weapon customization."

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Vdrake3600d ago

Sure, they have more 'options', but their addons seem more aesthetic / realistic. Like the 'coke can silencer' or whatever it is. Sure, it's cool, but unless the full customization is aesthetic, chances are there's going to be one setup that everyone picks, whereas Borderlands doesn't seem to actually provide 'user customization', you either take what you find or leave it. It's going to force you to make decisions based on what you've found as opposed to simply looking up how to get the absolute best setup. Which I think is probably better for the longevity of the game.

mistajeff3600d ago

I thought you could swap out specific weapon parts in borderlands to continuously improve the guns you have? I remember reading that somewhere, but it was a long time ago (before they changed the graphics style) so it easily could've been scrapped.

maawdawg3600d ago

Nope, they want the loot drive to be more of a factor so the only customization you can add to your guns is extended ammo. They made the decision for the game to always be about the next gun, not the one you are using basically.

IronAva3600d ago

It's all pointless if the game is as short as the first one.

maawdawg3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I totally agree about the length, that should be one of their first concerns. I rented the first game and barely got my money's worth. Besides, he is just flat out wrong about the number of guns anyway anyway.

He says they have "over a million combinations of guns" in the article when Borderlands has 17 million confirmed. How is that more? It is good to see they are doing more worthwhile customization to the game because basically a couple upgrades and pimp paint was it in the first one but he shouldn't start putting out info if it flat out isn't true.

17,000,000 is bigger than 1,000,000 Mr Hutchinson. That means Borderlands has way more.