Infinity Ward Earns Second Diamond Award

Modern Warfare® 2 Surpasses 10 Million Video Views

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Sevir043601d ago

IT's great to know they are putting in effort but i simply just hate how the media puts this on sucha pedestal yet, try so hard to bring other shooters that are great and play just as well and have compelling and far more bolsterous online offerings especially with the inovations that have come along from recent FPS of 2009... to me i think This game will be good but certainly not better than the first block buster shooter of this year. still i'llown this game. infinityward deserves my money they've got talent.

JeffGUNZ3600d ago

MW was never projected to be as big as it was. IW worked hard and developed an amazing game. For MW2, they have rebuilt the multiplayer experience from day one of development. They made the online experience extremely customizable and have pretty much fixed everything the community complained about. From what I have seen and read from the lucky few (respected) gaming sites who have actually had hands on experience with the game, they are all blown away. Like you said, IW does outstanding work and this game will hands down be the best FPS of this generation. If you are referring to KZ2, please stop. That game is average at best with outstanding graphics. Yes, I played KZ2, my brother has it and I put in only 10 hours or so in the online experience. I wasn't blown away and it felt average. The graphics definitely blew me away, beautiful. But, when you are reviewing a game to be the best FPS of this generation, at the moment, you have to look at the OVERALL picture and components, and from what we have been shown, it is leaning towards MW2. Obviously we all won't know for sure untul 11.10.09 and we get our dirty little hands on this game.