PS3 Getting Price Hike In South Africa

The PlayStation 3 has been receiving a lot of negative press mainly because of its huge price point. Sony, have now actually decided to increase the price of the PlayStation 3 in South Africa.

South Africa is getting the PS3 but for an extra $80 retailing at R6800.

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Expy4170d ago

Well, not like many people there are gamers anyway.

kspraydad4170d ago

The same thing occurred here in Canada temporarily. It ISN'T SONY jacking up the price to make extra cash but to make the same amount of YEN. The South African RAND has been falling in value and there is a lot of concern about it plummeting even more. The rise in the local cost of the PS3 is so SONY walks away with the same amount of YEN it had been planning on in the first place.

If South Africans wish to complain they should be looking to their government to stop running deficit budgets. If the RAND stays the way it currently is you will see ALL foreign goods rise in price as current inventory depletes.

Blahsum4170d ago

Rubbish. The dollar has been getting weaker. The Rand has been stable and strong for at least two years now. If your assertion is true, why isn't the local price for the 360 going up?

killercam194170d ago (Edited 4170d ago )

"Well, not like many people there are gamers anyway."

how do you know that? just because its not the highest market for gaming consoles doesnt mean that a lot of consoles wont sell, i lived in jamaica and almost everyone that i knew had a ps2 or xbox and its not like were regarded as a hot market for game consoles

lil bush4170d ago

well the price should be less..........

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The story is too old to be commented.