Team Fortress 2 Update Encourages Speed, Sharing

Valve has released a sizable update for Team Fortress 2, adding a list of fixes, tweaks and improvements to the game. Highlights include the addition of the "+quickswitch" command and getting bonus points for healing a teammate with a dropped sandvich.

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Major_Tom3596d ago

I don't have the heart to play TF2 as much as I did. That's the one thing I wish was they made alot of their stuff retroactive, I've played TF2 well over 200 hours before there was any perks to playing, like added weaponary and stuff. I don't feel like playing more just to get perks that I should have gotten anyway really but whateves, great game.

TheIneffableBob3596d ago

Several achievements were retroactive.

Pandamobile3596d ago

Does that mean I can finally get my Spy taunt achievement? :O

tamd3596d ago

its time valve should introduce engineer vs demoman update