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Digital distribution is worth more effort, not only for quick buck

TVGB: "David Braben, LostWinds developer Frontier founder and developer extraordinaire, told Develop that digital distribution is a medium with great potential, if developers would stop using it as a "dumping ground." He says that if developers would put the same amount of effort in their downloadable products as they do their retail and stop looking for a quick buck, the digital versions would work out very well."

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Silellak3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

This is already happening - looking at fantastic digital distribution-based games like Shadow Complex and Fat Princess.

Digital distribution really is the way the game industry is heading, and I think they'll get there way, WAY before movies will. Why? Because it's more profitable for everyone EXCEPT the middle-man. I know someone who used to work for Gamestop, and right now they're desperately trying to avoid the Blockbuster Effect (ie, getting screwed by a higher-tech competitor ala Netflix). They know if they don't adapt, digital distribution will wipe them out.

Personally, I welcome it. We've already seen the rise of independent developers on consoles this generation, almost entirely thanks to services such as XBL and PSN. Independent developers = more innovation = better for everyone...except, of course, those companies that base their existence around selling something someone ELSE made.

Sure, huge releases will still have box copies for awhile - people like having discs and other goodies included in the Collector's Editions. But don't be surprised if, in 5-10 years, the ONLY boxed games ARE the Collector's Editions of big-budget games, while everything else is handled through digital distribution.

glennc3622d ago

so you welcome paying more for your games than if there are competing retailers. you pay what MS, Sony or Nin want you to pay. no more bargain hunting/sale items aside from their 'deal of the week' or something.

i know it is going to happen and i am not attached to physical media but the resent addition to XBL for DD of 360 games has turned me off. AUS$99 for mass effect??? i can find it in the shops for AU$60. older game and no discounted price on XBL

movies and music are different stories to games, you have a choice as to where you buy it from. PC games are also different. consoles are going to be worse off.

i agree it is good for the industry re: piracy and prob the only answer until that is thwarted and then we are back to square one but worse off.

na-no-nai3622d ago

its good but im not for it. i rather have a physical copy cuz if you want to sell it then you cant also you cant borrow it from a friend esp if you do not want to buy it.
most of all i like just having it cuz once you have so many games on dl format; you tend to forget you have some of them so physically copy is the best for me so no thank you

Rmagnus3622d ago

I much prefer a physical copy, I like to admire the art works on the cover as well as mannual (seems like lots of publisher is slacking on it these days ^^:)