Play Magazine: Splatterhouse Preview

Play Magazine writes: "I am sitting in the Santa Clara office of Namco Bandai with five producers who are deeply, fiercely engrossed in expressing the fine distinctions between blood viscosities, brain fluid, and pus-filled blisters. I've seen my share of gore flicks, having grown up with Friday the 13th, Halloween, and The Exorcist, but there was never much intellectual discussion about it.

Today is different. Over the course of a four-hour session, I am thrown into Namco's new action game, Splatterhouse, a gory, modern-day re-envisioning of the 1980s arcade brawler. It's about thirty minutes into the session when Producer Mike Boccieri says something that resonates beyond the nuances of thin and thick blood."

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bunbun7773600d ago

Splatterhouse fascinated me as a kid-- didnt get to play it more than a few times

Nice to hear they are going for 3d play and 2d play--

This may be one of the most over the top brutal games, we shall see.

beavis4play3600d ago

and i'm glad to see it's releasing in the middle of '10. shouldn't be too much going on in gaming during the summer......i might pick this up.