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50% of American PS3 owners use Home

While critics are quick to pan Home, recent stats reveal the platform to be shockingly popular, especially in the United States. Buser revealed that over 4 million Americans actively use Home, which very roughly represents half of the PS3's total user base in the States.

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shadowfox3630d ago

I am not one of those 4 million lol. Haven't touched it since they launched it last year.

NewZealander3630d ago

me too, i checked it out once or twice, but it just seemed pointless, dont think ill be going back any time soon.

Tinted Eyes3630d ago

bu bu bu Who uses Home??? Is teh suxorz!!

Darkeyes3630d ago

Hmm.. Should I look it as glass half full or half empty? Either ways, I hope Sony adds in more features to attract more users. Home game launch sounds good to create hype. Hopefully some social networking site integration in the future might rope in more users.

Silellak3630d ago

I checked it out shortly after I got my PS3 in August, but honestly haven't felt the need to log in again since then.

I have enough PS3 games to play for months to come, and from what I can tell, Home does very little to fascilitate my game playing experience.

raztad3630d ago

It's ok if some of you dont use/dont like Home, others do. Home is somehow like N4G, a place for social interaction except that N4G is way more sterile, every second "wasted" for any of us posting or reading comments here is less time for gaming, at least from Home people can Launch online games, play some mini games or just hang around with virtual friends.

Home is a absolute success for Sony and I bet you MS will bring something similar to Xbox Live gold.

darthv723630d ago

there just isnt anything compelling me to come back day after day. The game space idea is cool. I really wish they would make a theme park space. Take me little guy on a roller coaster or bumper cars. Maybe go into a HUGE kick a** acrade with hundreds of old school games that you DONT need to purchase to play in home.

I do find it odd that there isnt anything else you can do with your avatar OTHER than home. You would think sony would make a game or two that lets you take the virtual person and put them at the wheel of the car in modnation racers or be on a game show like environment with a psn version of buzz or something.

Maybe those things are coming but I sure would like to see something more to do than walk around. The game launching is cool though.

frostypants3630d ago

It's not that Home is BAD, per se. In fact it's pretty cool, if you want pure social interaction (i.e., a chat room). It's just unnecessary from a gaming perspective, as the base XMB works just fine for level of interaction required for that.

Though I don't use Home much, I do see its importance in the long run. I see it as a sort of live R&D/alpha testing for the PS4's online community.

gaffyh3630d ago

I used it a few times for the arcade, but I can see why some people would be interested in it. I find it kinda pointless personally.

gauntletpython3630d ago

Great concept, poor execution. If Home would have launched like it is now, the whole thing could have taken off much quicker.

sikbeta3630d ago

I never use Home, but I read that is changing and become in a good feature, with mini-games and stuff, maybe is time to try

Darkstorn3630d ago

The only thing worth doing in Home is playing Chess, but there are always idiots who try to get in your way.

Blaze9293630d ago

cant say I'm one of those 50% either. I haven't used HOME since Resident Evil 5's game launching was added.

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Milky Joe3630d ago

All you people saying Home is pointless and that you haven't been on in months... try it.

I love Home, it's great for just wasting a bit of time with mates and there's something new pretty much every time I go on.

I'm fed up of people saying it's 'pointless'. It's not pointless, you just don't appreciate it for what it is.

Godmars2903630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Lots of games in Home you don't have to pay for, but it is too much to ask that classic arcade games get handed out for free as well. Especially when they're 3rd party.

Seriously, people complain about PSN being free but then they want free crap.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

You know what's funny? I have a friend that bought a PS3 just for Home and that's the only thing he does with it. lol

Every time I see him online he is always in Home, and I mean, ALWAYS. I really don't know what he finds so entertaining about it.

Rigmaster3630d ago

Wow, this is some serious ownage by Sony.

Home is absolutely incredible - but only if you aren't some anti-social retard.

The fear it generates is understandable. Microsoft has been forcing Xbox owners to pay 50 dollars a year just to be allowed to play games online and all they managed to do with that hundred of millions of dollars in online fees was a creepy copy of Nintendo's Mii avatars.

While Sony has been providing free online with dedicated servers and managed to create this massive and insanely cool online world with over 8 million people online in only the first 10 months.

It should be obvious why the gaming media and so many people are so desperate to trash the amazing service out of jealously and fear.

You really have to wonder why Microsoft isn't learning from Sony's massive success with Home and the PS3 online service:

* Free online play for all

* Dedicated servers for lagfree online play

* Massive online game sizes like 64 for R2 and 256 for MAG for epic battles

* And the incredible Home online world that is growing at an insane rate with both userbase and exclusive content from developers and publishers

Sony is showing Microsoft how to do online gaming right. Why isn't Microsoft learning from Sony.

randomwiz3630d ago

I like the idea of home, i log on occasionally to see new spaces. Last time i logged in was when the Audi space was released.

Home is seeing huge numbers of users. Sony could make a lot of money off of advertising in Home. I bet Audi viewed Home as advertising potential, which is why they took time to make a Home space.

SupaPlaya3630d ago

is the loading times between each area, and the fact that each update require you to re-download all spaces (at least it was true when I used it last, like 3 months ago).

What would really help is more exclusive content and events for Home so people who's interested in gaming but not chatting have more incentive to visit Home regularly.

Something like: "Join our Uncharted 2 launch event. Find all the clues and get a chance to win our super duper special edition of UC2".

badz1493630d ago

and it's free! but for someone like me who has only little time for gaming, how can I afford going HOME when there are lots and lots of great games yet to be played?

frostypants3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

To those who say Home ISN'T kind of pointless, it's because you're using it as a social outlet. Those of us who do most of our socializing in the real world (no offense) just don't get much out of it. I was just on 2 weeks ago, and frankly I'm still not that impressed. Who the hell is actually paying real life money for virtual t-shirts and virtual decorative foyer tables?! What's wrong with you? Wtf?! Sorry, but as of now it's just a corporatized "Second Life" with nicer visuals, a butt-ton of load screens, and gaggles of newly pubescent boys fawning over every female avatar they see hanging out by the virtual clothing store, seeing who can call the other a f** the most in hopes of winning her affections.

I love Sony, I really do. But not Home. The direction the technology for Home is going is hopeful, but to those of you saying we don't appreciate Home for what it is in its current state, I would say that you need to appreciate its current limitations and the fact that many of us may have been around the block enough to just not be all that impressed.

josuttis3630d ago


Says the guy posting on a Net social media site...

The fact that your ironic post was filled with an attempt at condescension made it even more hilarious.

frostypants3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

You just inadvertently implied that Home is just a discussion forum with fancy graphics.

I actually disagree. It's a far cry from a topical discussion forum. It's more like a general text chat forum, but it tries to simulate real life with avatars. That's what I find pointless. Don't you get enough of that in the real world? Maybe I'm asking the wrong person, because you apparently equate it to a simple thread engine (yet attack me for apparently not seeing how awesome it is...that's true irony).

What part of what I said wasn't true? Don't just get defensive. Prove me wrong.

NoBias3630d ago

But what it's become is pretty much Perv Central. Mass amount of male avatars huddled around any female one. It's corny and sad...

Lifendz3630d ago

and was so peeved at having wasted the time necessary to quit and get back to the XMB.

I hear it's better now, but I just have no interest in it. I still maintain my position that I would have preferred some feature we can use while playing games over Home.

Danja3630d ago

I personally love Home... Great way to meet new gamers and play some free mini games .

To everyone saying they tried home a few times and then stopped using it....Home isn't a game I don't think you can just try something like home twice and then say its pointless ... That's where you guys went wrong ...

Either way its a great social app for gamers with a lot of content being added and it can only get better as time goes on

Kudos to Sony

barom3630d ago

I go in there every now and then. Some of the newer spaces are pretty cool but some are still pretty dumb and useless. I love the EA Sports and Godfather space, and also dig the Buzz. the Xi stuff or whatever it's called was pretty cool but I guess they took it down somewhere along, which I can't quite understand since if I were to be spending time in Home I would've gone for that.

kewlkat0073630d ago

I wonder what they mean by "USE" like go in dance a little then exit?

I wonder how much hours do some spend in there..actually doing stuff and not chasing weird characters.

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George Sears3630d ago

Was going to try it out but I hate that I have to redownload spaces from time to time. I understand the updates but I don't like that I have to constantly redownload the mall, theater RE5 space etc.

Szarky3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Deleted mine a little while ago. Who has time for it? So many games to play right now. I'd rather be gaming than running around with a bunch of fruit loops wearing digital clothes they bought.

FunAndGun3630d ago

I think it is a great application and the potential is overwhelming, but it just takes too long to load and roam around in home. If it was more integrated and connected faster, I would be more inclined to click on the icon. Normally I scroll over to it in the XMB, think about it for a second, then realize that I don't want to wait for all the loading.

TheTeam063630d ago

It's just that some people don't realize that PlayStation Home is like the PlayStation 3 itself. It continues to evolve over time.

The PlayStation Home you visited last month will be a different Home the next month. It's ever-changing and very dynamic, which gives users a feeling of realism.

I went to college in September, and recently came back to visit this past weekend. Home feels TOTALLY different from when I was last there. If you don't like it now, try again later. And if you know you won't like it, that's cool, too. It's just an app.

SmokeyMcBear3630d ago

seriously... I didnt go into home for a good couple of months and was blown away by how much they added to the app. I actually broke down and paid 2 bucks for a picture frame and now have bikini clad babes in my apt... lame.. i know.. i couldnt help it. So many damn rooms now, each with a little 10-15 min time wasting mini game... you drop a couple of hours and not really know it. My only real gripe is that if you havent tried it out for a while.. then you will literally have to download every single room again because they all have changed. It doesnt help the people have to wait for rooms to download... but the background downloading is a plus

D4RkNIKON3630d ago

I agree, HOME is a great place to kill some time. The new movie theater is one of my favorite newer features. There are like 10 different theaters with different content, I go in the same time with a few friends and we watch together and chat. When we sit in the seats it reminds me of that show mystery science theater haha

Redempteur3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

That's it ..!!

Home changes very two weeks if you spent months not coming .. you're sure it will have changed ..( i don't know how much time i wasted on the buzz mini games ) but right now i'm enjoying the sing star rooms quite much ...

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