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darthv723316d ago

that sucks that I cant be smart enough to keep my serial # and console ID handy.

I should have learned from the last time. I will have to sign up from home I guess.

robbiedillona3316d ago

Don't worry, you might get into it. It should be like the last update preview.

Theoneneo813316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

go to system settings then console settings and then system info should have your serial Number and everything else there.

darthv723316d ago

Yeah. I can find that. Problem is I am at work. I thought there was a way to look up the console information from Support site was down when I tried.

No big. I am on my way out right now. I will just sing up when I get home.


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Kamikaze83316d ago

Weird how isnt included. Nonetheless I signed up.

darthv723316d ago

that is strange. I dont know that much about last fm so I am hoping it will let you stream while playing a game. Do you know if you can purchase songs off it like a music store?

ArmrdChaos3316d ago

Last.Fm directs you to either Amazon, iTunes, or another search engine when you select the buy option. With no browser as of yet on the 360 I would suppose there will be no means of purchasing through Last.Fm. Although Zune is included so I would think there will be a buying mechanism within there...maybe Last.Fm will be accessed through Zune Marketplace...not sure.

kissmeimgreek3316d ago

hope i get it... i never get into anything :(

MetalGearRising3316d ago

I've signed up this is gonna be awesome.

ArcticWolfUK3316d ago

reported you
no kids delusional mentally fcked up allowed

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The story is too old to be commented.