Sony Supporting PSPgo at Retail with Array of Game Cards

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

These game cards have now have had enough time to trickle into retailers nationwide, and Sony is already showing major support at a retail level with a variety of PlayStation Network Game Cards.

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dopeboimagic923291d ago

Thanks for the picture in the post. Now I know what to look for at Best Buy :P

trancefreak3291d ago

Its a great idea especially for gifts or buying something for youngsters without a credit/debit card risking your personal info.

I prefer just to personally to buy my games straight off the store but thats just me.

MNicholas3290d ago

Gives something for the retailers so they can sell games but a big plus for developers because it makes used game sales a thing of the past.

MEsoJD3290d ago

and will put the retailers at ease.

T3mpr1x3291d ago

I was just at Best Buy last night, picking up my Uncharted 2 pre-order. They took around 20 minutes to find my game! I should have gone to that area to take a look at those.