Kojima says Zone of the Enders is on the "top of the list"

Stephany Nunneley: Hideo Kojima said during an interview over on the EU PS Blog that as far as a new Zone of the Enders game is concerned, it's not a question of "if" one will be released, just "when".

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alphakennybody3601d ago

Plz Kojima, the best Mech game out there. Make it happen, remake or sequels as long As I get to see one ZOE This gen.

Ssxtreme363601d ago

I dont care what system its on, just as long as its next gen and it comes to the states.....

xztence3601d ago

You are a god, this is all I've ever wanted besides MGS4.


Bonsai12143601d ago

i just exploded in my pants. i've wanted ZOE3 for i have no idea how many years now. ZOE2 is probably one of the most underrated ps2 games ever.

JoySticksFTW3601d ago

It's so on!

Next gen GoW

Next gen Twisted Metal

Next gen ZoE

What next?

Next gen Syphon Filter?!

jadenkorri3601d ago

who all here remembers buying Zone of the Enders on ps2 just for the metal gear solid demo, and got blown away just not by the demo of metal gear, but also by Zone of the enders....

cyberwaffles3601d ago

this just about confirms it for me. thanks kojima.

ThanatosDMC3600d ago

AWESOME! Now they need to use the power of the Cell like how Naughty Dog used it. Damn, Uncharted 2 single player campaign was AWESOME till the end!

sikbeta3600d ago

Good to hear Kojima, I'll be waiting

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DeforMAKulizer3601d ago

ZoE 3 **DROOLS!!!**
Kojima, scrap everything and make that effing game now!!!! =D

Batzi3601d ago

welcome Defor. Kojima is God.

Enate3600d ago

DeforMAKulizer I've been saying the same thing for so long. I'm glad the fans are finally at least being heard. Hopefully will see a new ZOE on PS3 soon enough. I can't wait!!!

Nykamari3601d ago

WOOT! WOOT! I still play ZOE2 from time to time waiting for the next one!
ZOE2 pushed the ps2 really really HARD, I could only imagine how the new will push the 3.

foxtheory3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

that he actually plans on making ZOE3. And top of the list? Hell ya!!!

My guess is that he'll start it after this wave of MGS games are finished. If it's top priority, then that's my guess. Don't hold me to that, though.

Batzi3601d ago

Rising will be the last Metal Gear of this generation and the beginning of the "next-gen" Metal Gear. The sequel to "Rising" will eventually come out on next-gen consoles. The last "next-gen" Metal Gear was MGS1 and that was when Metal Gear went from 2D to 3D. With Rising, a new generation will be introduced and I can't wait. In short, the chances of getting ZOE3 before the release of Rising are slim to nothing but would get higher after Rising's release. Whatever he does, should be great.

foxtheory3601d ago

I don't want the MGS series to turn into an endless barrage of branch-off stories. I'd like to see just Peace Walker and a game about Zanzibarland (between PW and MGS1) and let it be over with. Complete closure is what I ask from Kojima at this point. Remakes are welcome, however!!! xD

But if Rising is going to happen, then I hope to see it turn out well. I have no hate against it, but I wouldn't like to see a franchise like MGS get milked.

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The story is too old to be commented.